Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hammering Hammer

Nice Limp's another hand, where the BB flats with Rockets and pays for it:


Friday, November 28, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Mouse bites the Dust

And as it turned out...unnecessarily....I simply have no patience!

Sooooo....I have another ones of these on the way.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HU Victory Redux

Heads up tourneys and Thursdays seem to be the ticket. I won one two weeks ago, and again tonight:

This one took one extra match, 8 in all, as I didn't get the bye. I was reviewing the tournament hand histories, an interesting that I was never really behind in any of my matches. I ran pretty well I guess. There were the usual brutal hands, but in this case, none that crippled me, or hurt me too bad. If anything, it kept my opponents in the game.

Then of course there was this hand in the semi-final match, which gave me that 'oh no' feeling, but I was able to get past this. The dude tried getting cute with his aces, and limped preflop:

Talk about runner-runner!

This was the final hand of the last match:

GG me!


Monday, November 17, 2008


Fulltilt concluded its millionth FTOPS this past weekend. I played in 3 or 4 events, with not much (read - nothing!) to show for it. Mostly got in on the power of those crack-like super turbo's, which I am freaking addicted to. For yesterday's FTOPS knockout event, I actually won 3 of those in a row.....and on Saturday, I won back to back seats for the $500 heads up. For that one, I unregistered and took the T dollars.

I was watching the final table of the $5000 2 day FTOPS event last night. When it got 3 handed, this kid PureCash25, had the lead. Then this hand came up:

I didn't get the 20x open, given these guys had been playing 2.5 opening raise, other than maybe it was some kind of misclick? as deep as they were, it had to be. But talk about a setup....amak gets queens, reads the kid's bet as a misclick and shoves. Pretty freaking amazing to have it come to that, after playing 2 days!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bodog Poker Blogger tourney

Ok....well I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet now.  Bodog is sponsoring I believe version 2, of the Poker Blogger Tournament.  Bodog is also still one of the sites that you, as a US player can play online poker.  I've resisted in the past, mainly because I didn't like the interface.  However, I see they have made some improvements, especially in the re-sizing of tables.  And now, with this HUGE incentive, , how can I resist!  :-)  

I won't let out what my screen name is, but it won't be hard, since I uploaded my 2BA image!

See you all there....


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds Smodds!

In the last 5 post, I have blogged about a Royal Flush, a straight Flush, and multipe quads.  All within a short period of hands, way over the frequency that these should be popping up.  Pretty crazy!

I just folded this hand:

I also had this crazy hand last night, which I luckily won:

I suppose you can say 'its poker'.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WSOP Main Event Final Table Resumes

For anyone that still gives a hoot, the 2008 WSOP ME champion will be decided today.  Action starts shortly after 10am PST.  

EDIT: ME Champion will be decided today.  The infinite wisdom that is Harrah's and the WSOP postponed the tournament when it got heads up, and will resume tonight at 1opm PST.  Come to think of it, winner may not be decided until tomorrow! 

For those who still care, it will be Peter Eastgate vs Ivan Demidov.  You can follow the live action on the WSOP site.


407 to 1

Those are the odds of flopping quads, when holding a pocket pair in Holdem.  Of course, good ole FullTilt Employee #45, laugh's and mocks odds, all day long!

From the same SNG, and within 11 hands or so:


Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 Final Tables

Well, first of all, this is my 200th post. So I'm particularly happy that it coincides with what I hope is a turn around in my fortunes on the felt.

My first final table came in a Heads-up tournament. My first opponent was Mr Aaron Bartley:

Not to brag, but I've got a drawer full of Fulltilt shirts busting good ole Aaron. This time was no different. I was able to dispose of him in 7 hands. We traded for the first 6, then this was the first 'big' hand:

I probably would shove to his lead on the flop, regardless of the pair, as he's c-betting there 95% of the time. Then this was 2 hands later, and he was done:

After him, I played 3 more matches, and was able to take it down:

My 2nd Final table came in the 9K $5 rebuy. I unfortunately finished in 6th. My key hand, was my bustout hand:

My final final table came in the Mook. There was an added prize of a FTOPS seat hanging on this one, thanks to Al.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get past Columbo's might Presto, as I called his UTG shove with JJ.

Here was the final results:


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A win is a win

I bricked my way to victory last night, in what turned out to be a SKILLZ 6 blogger SNG.  I still enjoy playing the blogger events, although other than the Mookie, participation is low.  Speaking of the good ole Mook:

An added prize to the winner tonight, a seat to FTOPS Event #24.  Hope to see you all there.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1000 bad beats later

and I get to lay one that's worthy of a post:

This was from tonights 40K. I busted 40th or so, but this was the hand of the day.


Monday, November 3, 2008

High stakes madness

Noooooo, not from me!  LOL.....Here was the highlight of my poker came while I was killing time waiting for the Mrs. to get ready to go I was at a micro cash table:

I was perusing through the high-stakes table recaps on CR, and so this gem:

Thats's a 1 million dollar chip!  The action among these guys has been unreal.  If I get bored, I'll post some hands, that wil leave you saying WTF!. 

One hand I saw, had Durr calling a 6 figure river bet with top 2, where the original better had 4 high!  pretty insane stuff!  

Durrr has had a great year, up 4 million for the year.  And he's not alone, there's a handful of other sharks profiting well over 7 figures.  Leading that pack is Phil Ivey....up about 7 Mil.  If he isn't the greatest poker player on the planet, I don't know who is.  

So as you can see, all of our little money at the bottom bubbles up, and wind's up in these dude's BR.  That's a fact.