Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is cool Phil!

Reposted from Realestate Yahoo:

Bachelor Builds Slide Between His NYC Apartments

Two views of the slide connecting the New York penthouse apartments
Photo: Turett Collaborative Architects

Fresh off snatching up a pair of penthouses in a brand new luxury condo building, our hero was faced with a dilemma: How to combine the two apartments into one bonkers bachelor pad to rule them all?

The answer was surprisingly simple: Duh, a slide!

Here's what the architects said about it:Turett Collaborative Architects created this indoor funzone, and they explain the whole crazy scheme on their website. What they don't include is the identity of the manchild who commissioned the slide, nor the building that has been turned into a playground. We did the homework.

"TCA has had a lot of experience connecting smaller apartments together into a seamless whole, but this adventurous client requested something we'd never seen before. In a newly constructed multi-residential development, in the East Village of NYC, TCA had the opportunity to meet a unique client's desire to combine two penthouse condos... with a helical slide. In this transformation, two identical 1-bedroom units, one atop the other, were combined into a duplex 2-bedroom home with the option to descend in the usual way on a new Italian-made "Rintal" stair, or more speedily, in a seated position, careening through the new double-height atrium.

No word if you can also climb the slide connecting the NYC apartments
Photo: Turett Collaborative Architects

"The half-tube stainless steel slide starts on the top floor near the office, and lands below near both the living and dining areas. The sculptural slide is housed in a newly created 18’ tall double-height space, which includes custom designed glass railings. The image of the stainless steel curves in front of the oversized window to the city beyond, to say nothing of the irrepressible glee of grown adults on the slide, is surprisingly poetic; with careful detailing, the playground element is an unexpectedly elegant addition to the space.

"Upon completion, the owner enjoys not only the newly combined total of 2,400 square feet, but also a new game room, office, putting green on the terrace, and of course, the slide."

Perhaps you won't be surprised to find out that this penthouse combo is in the East Village's most notorious party pad, the A Building. According to public records, Penthouses F & G were bought on the same day in October 2008 for a combined $3.14 million. The buyer was Phil Galfond, who we're guessing is the same Phil Galfond that makes his living as a professional poker player and lives in New York City. If there's one guy you'd expect to have a metal slide linking his two downtown Manhattan penthouses, it's a 26-year-old poker pro, right? Our only question is, dude, why leave out a ball pit at the bottom?



Friday, March 25, 2011

St8 Flush again FTW

Got a Benjy back on the power of another St8 Flush....


Thursday, March 24, 2011


That was a fucking $352 River!


Monday, March 21, 2011


If your a tournament poker player, Sunday's are your 'holy day'. Between Stars and Tilt, you have so many excellent big guarantee tournaments, and lot's of possibilities to have a big payday, for small buy-ins. The $26 dollar tourney's on FullTilt get some huge fields, and from what I hear, Double Guarantee's are back starting next week, which will keep the tournament prize pools on the rise.

I played a bunch yesterday, and was happy to satellite into a couple of entries for the MiniFtops main event, which drew some bazillion players, where the winner was going to get almost 500K for their $75 investment. Not bad at all....I saw the tournament ended this morning, as I expected with that many people in it. I managed one cash, which combined with the satty's, made almost break even for the ME. I played a bunch of other tournaments, including the KO MiniFtops, but got KO'd early when some RONnie moved in from the BB for like 60 BB's, after i 3x from SB. I had AA, so I'm not folding EVER, and he had AQ...a pretty nice position to be in, unless of course #45 puts a bazillion Q's on the board. Fucker made quads, and that was that.
Then one of my entries in the ME got it all in for a monsterpotten, again SB vs BB, where I had A9, and he had 98. The preflop action was a min-raise from me, and a flat from him. Flop comes A9x....and of course this genius decides top pair crap kicker is good, and so all the money goes in (I checked, he bet, I 3 bet and he shoved), and #45 dishes out 88 on turn and river. Fucker! I suppose I could have folded Top Two, but in that spot, against that RONnie, it wasn't going to happen. Plus I still had my other entries still in the tournament...but nevertheless...geez!

This crap however went on for my other tournaments entries as well, so of course I had to have a heart to heart with #45 about all this silliness. So of course, in his sense of fair play, he decides to 'even things out', during the evening's blogger Survivor tournament:

This was not a pretty win folks....but of course you all know that already. If only I had that heart to heart with that fucker at the start of the day!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Knew?

May be my first non holdem win outside of blogger tournaments:

And for good measure, on my way to this victory:


FullTilt announces Onyx Cup


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Micro Karma


Outlasted, in the Mook

Well Sorta....I offered Numbbono a straight chip chop, and he accepted. I don't recall, but I may have had 3 to 1 advantage at the time, I was pretty sleepy. Right before the deal, we got it in with AK vs AT but wound up chopping.

It's been fun watching the current Survivor theme, hats off to Goat for spicing things up in the blogger tournaments, and look forward to see how this all winds up.

HeffMike, thanks for the 20, had I been up to speed on your bounty offers, I would have tried and scoop the entire 40!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

$75 into $1148

and for good measure, since I know it annoys the hec out of Hoy:


Siedel is sitting on top of the poker world!

Mr Siedel is what is known as 'en fuego'! He disposed of Moneymaker in the final match (2-0) with ease, basically squashing him like a bug to take down the NBC headsup title, which incidentally, he took 2nd for last year.

Vanessa Selbst said it best, when just before starting her match with Siedel, she said (paraphrasing)...."I'm basically drawing dead".

With the win, Siedel surpasses the 4 MILLION mark, in just the 1st quarter of 2011. That's a freaking amazing run!

EDIT: just adding his 1st quarter 2011 results:
  • 3rd place finish at the $5,000 6-max event for $46,560 at the PCA
  • 4th place finish in the $25,000 High Roller event for $295,960.
  • 3rd in the Aussie Millions $100k High Roller event for $618,139
  • Then wins the $250k High Roller Event for a further $2.4 million.
  • 5th at the $5,000 Heads-Up event LAPC for $14,500
  • Then winning the $25k High Roller event for another $144,570.
  • Wins NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship to book another $750,000

Johnny Chan who???



If you want one, get it here.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Very interesting piece on a Pokerstars SNE grinder NanoNoko:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

32K Final Table

A funny story on my way to this 3rd place finish.....About 30 min after the start of the tournament, I was reading about the IPAD 2 coming out next week. Apple has gone over the top again, and improved on an already great device. I held out from buying the original purposely, and after seeing the announcement, I started looking around to see what apps where out there which would allow me to remote into my desktop from the IPAD to play poker.

So I read some posts on 2+2, and decide to download Teamviewer, since the comments were good, works over both wifi and 3g, and it's free! I install it on my desktop and then install the client on my Iphone. Literally took 5 min to setup, and bingo bango, I have control of my desktop from my Iphone. Of course on the Ipad, this will be even better for obvious reasons.

So I wander out to show Mrs 2BA, and low and behold I get prior to this, I had already played (mostly folded) about a dozen hands or so from the Iphone. I had also made some raises, and had got the general jist of using the Teamviewer app. However, on this hand, I accidentally folded, but 2 other guys got it all in, and one of them had the other KK, and the 3rd guy had AA. So there you go...funny how things tend to work out. A few hands after that one, I got KK again, still playing on the Iphone, and had better results as I was able to double up.

I suppose I can 'afford' that Ipad2 now! Lock it up!