Monday, June 30, 2008


Big props to Scotty Nguyen for taking down the 50K HORSE at the WSOP.

In more insignificant news, I came in 12th at the HORSE Mini WSOP event #51.

Man, that's alot of work to come up short. Especially since I pretty much suck at the stud games, suck at Omaha 8, and I deplore Limit Holdem!!! Interestingly, my strongest game was Razz last's all about bricking the nutz baby!

I also played the 750K. My sentiments are right along the lines as RaisingCayne's lastest post.

Here's the hand I busted on:

The funny thing (again) is that my player notes did me in. I'm going to have to stop writing them! I had a note on player 7, indicating he liked to 4 bet light when in late position. So I took my fabulous looking Anna Kournikova and put her in the match.

Usual results prevail......looks good, never wins! :-)


Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little Str8 Flush action - Reprised

Twice in one weekend...what are the odds???


Donk Alert!

I'm making this bad beat post as a public service announcement. This player ACKKE01 IS A MOTHERFUCKING DONKEY!!!

Ok, I feel better. The fact is that I knew he'd call, I had already pegged him as a major calling station fish. Unfortunately for me, he was able to channel the suckout powers real well!

Feel free to seek him out, especially if you see him at the cash tables...then after you felt him for a 3 or 4 buyin's, don't forget to send me my tip! :-)


A little Re-re suckout action

Of course, had I not, this would be up as another flipping bad beat story!!! :-)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 High FTW!

Played and flamed out of some tournaments last night, including the Mookie. I did have this one hand, which reminded me of a story I read about Stu Unger. He was involved in a high stakes heads up match with a guy, who on the river made a big all-in bet. Stuey thought about it and made the call with Ten high (IIRC). The final hand of the game had a board like 3-3-7-K-Q. Stuey reasoned he had 4-5 or 5-6 so he called and flipped over a 10-high hand to win the pot. His opponent had exactly what Stuey thought. Pretty here's my version, execept I was lucky enough to not be playing against Stuey Unger! Just another FullTilt bozo, who surely had me beat, and was getting great odds to make the call:


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

32K and MATH win

My daily vice is the 32K (previously 28k) on FullTilt. It's a $26 buyin tournament, that usually gets around 1400 runners, and 1st place payout is 6-7k. We've seen other blogger's have good success in this tournament, but I have been generally feast or famine. I final tabled it last week, and also have on a few other occasions. Last night I got to about 130 of 1400, and had this spectacular bustout hand:

Oh well.....will try again tonight. Many thanks to IT, OhCaptain, and Joanne who stopped by to lend me a few boooooms and much appreciated railing!

The MATH's had 13 runner's last night, and I literally luckboxed to the victory. I don't remember the last time where I was on the winning end of (read:suckout) several big underdog hands.

At the final table, I spiked a lucky 7 against KatieMother's cowboys:

When I got HU against Aguda, I had this "suckout" as well:

Aguda had made some huge overbets (OBFV not withstanding), which I didn't bite on...until the last hand:

Yeah Me! :-) <-----------Good at MATH....was my best and favorite subject ya know!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Blew it again!

Can't seem to close anything out these days. Took 2nd in the Riverchasers last night, this after having a fairly large lead going into heads up with Hoy.

This was the hand that pretty much did me in:

I obv committed myself on the turn, probably didn't have to, but I went with my read, and came up short. C'est poque!

Have a nice weekend folks!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final Table the 32K

This hand was a huge turning point for me:

That pot would've put be over 320K....alas, my fucking laptop froze, and even though I was pounding on the keyboard, I got no response, only to see the hand get timed down, and folded. I rode a rollercoaster of emotions in those 30 seconds....first the anger and frustration of the fold, then the elation when I saw I would have been up against KK, with AT and one of my outs dead, then to utter disgust when I saw the AQ flop. YUK!

Why did my computer freeze you may ask???? well it was sort of a perfect storm of sorts....1st I was watching the freaking ESPN360 final table of the shorthanded event with Dario the scarfed Italian, and it's a fucking resource hog! 2nd, I had Pokertracker and the PHUD running.....3rd I was listening to LivepokerRadio and the Mookie coverage over ITUNES, but, the big issue was MY GODDAM VIRUS CHECKER WHICH DECIDED TO KICK OFF RIGHT AT THE TIME OF THIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok rant over. :-(

Today is another day.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Token parlay-age & MATH low turnout

So I've been sitting and accumulating these iron-man medals for a few years now, so I got a whole bunch. I finally decided to peruse the iron-man store, and found that I could purchase both $26 and $75 tokens.

So I bought a couple of these:

and parlayed them into this:

So I got a whole hec of a lot more medals I'll be cashing in, as I think this will give me a better value. You do have the option of taking cash bonus, but that wouldn't be any fun, right? they offer $300 bucks for 1600 medals, and $600 bucks for 3000 medals if you just want to take the cash bonus and then work it off. I think the tokens offer's a better route.

I got caught up and distracted last night enough to forget to register into the MATH. I was surprised to see only 6 people signed up. I know attendance is back to being low post BBT3, but that is about the lowest I've ever seen it. So you have to stop and wonder if this is a product in response to the latest drama, of which Hoy is right in the center of?

If you want a good wrap up with all the links, check this entry in George's blog.

I'm sure we haven't read the last of any of this, but I sure hope we get the blogger choo choo back on the rails, and get back to why I joined this group in the first place....namely to play poker with people that have the same interest as I in improving and getting better at this little side hobby we all have.


Monday, June 16, 2008

WSOP Main Event seat (lack of one that is)

First of, a big congrats to LJ for winning her seat in the 150 seat satellite on FullTilt last night. She played an excellent end game, making the right calls at the right time, and having it pay off big. I am pretty sure she will go to the ME, so best of luck to you LJ, we are rooting for ya!

I believe other than PokerFool and Loretta, LJ is the first blogger to win a seat outright....I could be wrong, at any rate, that makes at least 3. I'm pretty sure that the "Super Red Hot (only in the Poker sense)" Lucko will also play...I mean after all, he's only won like a bazillion tournaments in the last few months, in fact, check out his blog, he did it again yesterday!

As for FullTilt...way to again to setup this 150 game tournament on Fathers Day. I really want to play it, but it was just not doable, and I was pretty dissappointed. Maybe the scheduling brains can take that into consideration in the future, but I'm sure it's not going to happen.

As for the rest of the weekend, I got caught up playing those 300 chip super turbos. Pure crack I tell ya, pure crack! :-)

I also played and got deep in a $26 dollar tourney. However, I got KK in the BB vs the chip leader who had raised from early position. I reraised, and he 4 bet me. I am an idiot, because once he 4 bet me, I KNEW he had AA. Everyone says the 4th bet is either AA or KK, and I had KK. He had about 50k in chips, and I had a healthy 40k stack. So after going through all that thought process, I finally said something like " fuck it, this is a 26 dolla donkament, and no way I'm folding KK preflop esp to that stupid looking surfer icon I can't stand'......thank you very much....of course, IGHN...he had aces. Ha ha


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope all you dads out there had a wonderful Fathers Day.....I know I did!

Back to poker tomorrow....


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now I can say......

I love how fucking #45 deals an Ace on the turn too......fucker!


ESPN360 & Blonkaments

Quick note on ESPN360. If you don't know, they are broadcasting final tables live at the WSOP. I stumbled on to it last night, and watch the ladies final table, which was actually pretty entertaining. Mostly because of the body language between the final two, which had me cracking up big time. :-0!!!

The blonkaments have had a major drop in attendance the last few nights, which is probably expected with most people being burnt out on the BBT3. I have played both the MATH and Skillz this week, and I think neither got more than 16 or 17 runners.

In last nights Skiilz game, Stud H/L, I managed to donk to a 2nd place finish. I actually had a pretty big lead when we got heads up, but I raised up my Donk factor, and got plastered like the bug I just did in my backyard. At any rate, ANIGUY won it, so gg to him.

Tonight is Mook night, and hopefully the turnout will be a little better.


Monday, June 9, 2008

BBT3 finally ends & Rakeback question

Congratulations to all the BBT3 winners!

TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for March - $2k WSoP Package
SirFWALGMan - Player of the Month for April - $2k WSoP Package
TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for May - $2k WSoP Package
OMGitsPokerFool - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
Loretta8 - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
katiemother - Tournament of Champions - $2k WSoP Package
oossuuu754 - Tournament of Champions - $2k WSoP Package
lightning36 - BBT Freeroll - $2k WSoP Package

Hopefully, one of our brethren will make a big splash at the WSOP, so I wish all of you all the best, good playing, and much luck!

For my part, I am quite dissapointed in how the TOC went for me. I made what I think now in hindsight was a huge mistake in my strategy going into the TOC. There is an old sports adage that says you go with what got you there....well I broke that, and it really killed me. Lesson learned. I think sometimes you let the wheels spin a bit too much, and it works against you.

At any rate, I'm going to continue to trudge along. I had some family over yesterday, so I only played 2 hands in the Badge freeroll, after I had been blinded down to 400 chips. So I just shoved a few hands, and ran into someone's JJ. I do have some 3 tickets into the Sunday Main event Freeroll, so I plan to hit those the remainder of the month.

Overall, my poker lateley has been like running on a treadmill. I'm playing alot, but not going anywhere. My BR has not increased or decreased over the last month, so I'm glad for rakeback, as there is the profit.

Question regarding rakeback, if anyone happens to know. What is the process to break your current deal, if you wish to change to a different provider? I had never realized this, but I'm only getting back 25%, and most places are giving at least 27%.

Finally.......I won the Donkament Friday night. Funny, Dookie and Donkament in the same week....might have exceeded my max allowable blogaments wins! LoL

MATH tonight, although I hope Hoy doesn't go with the Satty format again. There's plenty of those running on FullTilt already.


Friday, June 6, 2008

BBT3 Tournament of Champions

Well here we are. After 50+ games later, all that is left is the TOC, which will be played tomorrow at 5pm EST.

46 runners, combining players of all skill levels. You got representation for all groups. Pro's, Donkeys, Fishies, Parbulitos*, cash specialist's, moms, dads and of course Waffles. (just kidding with ya man!)

I'm not going to take a stab at handicapping this event (my Tongue in Cheek withstanding), I think the field is pretty well represented. Everyone had to win** to get in, so I think that speaks for itself.

So, no matter which group your in, I wish you all good playing tomorrow, and may the chips fall where they may! Good luck all!

* - Newbie (Spanish slang)
** - Chop is still a win


Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 Out City

FullTilt is running a parallel Mini Series of Poker, which tracks with the events going on in the WSOP. Yesterday was the mix holdem event, $109 buyin. I jumped in my favorite crack-like Super Turbo which they have running for this series, and for $25 and on my first try I was able to get my seat.

In the tournament, I thought I played pretty well, and managed to last until about the middle of the pack. Unfortunately, my demise came during the Limit round, where with one player already all-in, I flopped and ace. Being limit, I couldn't get my opponent to fold .... and here's what happened:

I really hate limit.

I also played the Mookie in the first post BBT3 blogger tourney. I managed to final table, but however got bounced in 8th, on the $$$ bubble, and of course once again, Mr 2 Outer showed up:

Well, at least one thing went right last night, albeit it's in a game that I clearly suck in, and am basically clueless:


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BBT3 Wraps up

I was out of town over the weekend, so there was no poker for me, other than the final BBT3 Big Game, of which I arrived 30 min late. The winner of the final event is someone who I did not recognize, and someone who played a very 'questionable style'. But hec, as I've said before, what do I know? I mean if you have 'the skill' to put half your stack in the pot, on the flop with no pair and no draw and still outrun a set, you must have some kind of poker chops, right? :-)

I was also pretty bummed to see that Goat didn't get his seat in this final game, and what made it worse is that he came 2nd to 'Mr Poker Chops'. However, I hope the big $$$ will ease the pain a little, in fact, $2700 is a pretty nice ROI for the BBT3!

As for me, I don't remember exactly when I busted, all I know is I busted short of the points. I think I only needed about 20 pts to over take Lucko for 2nd overall in the points standing, but I could not manage to pull it off. Once again, congrats to TJ who wins the overall Pts leaderboard by 500 pts ahead of 2nd place finisher Lucko. If you add that to the 4k he's won for winning the April and May pts, and I'd say that has been a pretty nice ROI for his BBT3 as well.

I suppose overall I am please with my results too, but I am somewhat disappointed as I came real close to winning the 1st month's 2k prize, and just couldn't hold off TJ after having been in the points lead for almost the entire month. I had a similar choke job in the BBT2 as you all may recall as well.

Now what's left is the TOC, and it's big WSOP main event prizes and the 2k package Badge freeroll this weekend. Good luck to all that qualified, this has been a great tournament series, and I enjoyed playing with everyone very much!

And of course a big thanks to Al for putting this together, and for all the work that he does on behalf of the poker blogging community!

Also a big thanks to the guys who host the blogger tournaments, and allowing them to be used for the BBT3.