Tuesday, March 31, 2009

25K close ....

....but no cigar:

I suppose I should be happy with my finish, mainly because I was there thanks to this lovely suckout to break the FT Bubble:

And then this beauty at the FT:

Now if I can only get something going in the BBT4!


Monday, March 30, 2009

I like these.....

I think I've said this before, but I certainly don't know why I don't play more of these!  


Ding Dong the Kings Fold???

I think up until today, I had never folded KK pre-flop, in an online tournament.  However, when you've walked into aces holding KK about a bazilion (slight sarcasm) times in the last week, this is exactly what happens.  Of course this time, I couldn't have been more wrong.  I try not to be results oriented, but it just gnaws at you when it could have just propeled you in a huge way.  This is from yesterday's 750K on FT:

I mean, 100% of the time in this situation in the past, I'm re-raising from my position.  If the dude has aces, so be it, I am playing to win.  That's how I usually handle this.....but the UTG dude had not played a hand since I got moved to this table, and I let the "he's got aces" thought get the best of me.  Again, as I stated up front, I have been walking into aces in unusual high frequency as of late, which I'm sure played into this mess.  So I flatted his initial raise, looking to see if I flop a set, and at least seeing what his action on the flop would be.  However, the dopey BB decided to shove, and UTG insta-snap shoved.  My gut told me it was an isolation move, given that the BB had proved to be loose/maniac kind of player.  

But then the freaking 'he has aces' vibe came back, and I folded like a little girl after running out my clock.  I basically froze up....how retarded is that?  If you buy into the whole Fulltilt RNG 'inner works', then who knows what would have flopped on the board had I called.  But clearly, based on their pre-flop holdings, I over analzed this situation, let the current 'current' influence my thoughts, which led to huge feeling of uncertainty, and ultimately came up with a bad decision.  (fancy way of saying I royally suck)

My finish below:


Friday, March 27, 2009

35K is killing me

I had a couple of hands which, as usual, pretty much decide your fate.  Last night, it was KK.  With about 3 tables remaining, I had 190K or so, and middle position open for 5x.  He had about 180k, so I barely had him covered.  His opening was so big, I decided to just shove.  I wasn't afraid of aces, as in that situation, most of the time they either have some garbage trying to steal the blinds, or small to middle pairs...at any rate, he had Ace - Rag.  Yup, the dufus snap calls, and spikes an ace on the Turn.  I was toast shortly after that.  Had I won that hand, I would have taken the chip lead, and been in great position to make a run at the win.  So instead, he took the chip lead....and guess where he ended?  Look at the lobby, he's the fish who finished 18th.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

HU Winnah

Of course, I lost connection again at the final table, but at least I had prepared this time, and had the air card waiting in the wings.  The tournament itself was pretty easy for a change.  I had 6 total matches, and had pretty bad players in all of them, but one.  I'm always eyeballing the possible contender's, and if you can dodge the good players, sometimes the other bad players suck out on them, and makes your path alot easier.  That pretty much happen today, with the exception of one match.  And I was lucky to get cards in that match, which of course when that happens, it doesn't matter much what skill level your at.  The cards dictate the victor.  Most of the time in HU, your playing less than stellar starting hands, so it's alot about how good you play post flop.  This takes alot of practice and feel.  Obviously there is alot of bluffing, but the key is bluffing the right pots, and you pretty much have to play your opponent's cards all the time.  If you only play your cards, you will get killed in this game.  


AT&T Sucks huge Donkey Balls

Do yourself a favor, and NEVER ever get AT&T's UVERSE.  It's crap.  Their domestic customer service makes ANY India base support group look like top of the line engineers.

What makes their 'support' so frustrating, is that every time I call, I have to tell whoever answers the same story all over again!!!!!  I ask them...don't you people make notes on your tickets!!!!!!!  So now, I got a direct line into what they call their Level 2 support...supposely, more experience tech's....BULLSHIT!  They are just as stupid as their 1st Level.  

Without getting into the mundane details of what I've been going through the last week, here's an example of their stupidity.  Reader's Digest  version of my issue has to do with my wireless dropping from the RG router randomly.  After having to explain for the umpteenth time what my issue is...this genius starts screwing around with the settings on the RG box, and lo and behold, the wireless starts working.  Of course, the fact that it comes on and off, which is my problem, seems to escape this 'level 2' tech.  However, she decides to proclaim my issue 'fixed'.  What did she do?  She 'turned off the SSID Broadcast' setting.  WOW...Brilliant!  Give her the Employee of the month award!  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So of course, the piece of shit wireless drops 20 times during the Mook last night.  I was so on AT&T TILT that upon connecting, I see a pair of walking sticks in the SB, and brilliantly shove them right into some dudes bullets.  GG ME!



Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Mastering Brickology apparently isn't very hard.  Based on some of the blogs, and commentaries in the chats, I see graduates of this course are a plenty!  Present company included obviously!  

BBT4 has been moving along.  Latest winnah is Mr Tuscaloosa Johnny who took down last nights Riverchasers event.  I made the final table, but in the end could not win a flip against IT.

Over the weekend I had some cashes, but nothing to write home about.  I did make it deep once again in the crap shoot known as the DoubleDeuce, which got over 10k runners once again.  

My previously blogged exploits playing the 32K (nightly at 8EST on FT) continued last night.  It's now the 35K, and I managed to make it to 47 (out of 18o0 or so).   Don't feel like posting the BB's, enough to say, it's the same ole story....hence the blog title.  I mean it has to be a true skill to 'not get there' when you have a bazillion outs.....and of course, equally frustrating to see your opponents 'get there' with there silly 1 and 2 outer's.  Haha...same shit, different day I suppose.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOL CRACK-Donkaments

300 Chips to start....crazy!  I think we were 39 min in, and were on the bubble...finished in 2 hrs flat!

Pretty crazy, just glad to come out with some $$$.


Mook - down in flames again

I'm not at my reg computer, so I don't have the HH's handy.  I will say that going into the final table, IIRC, Smokkee and I were the shorties.  There was a guy to our immediate right, which I didn't recognize, but a major poker-challenged player for sure, with a ton of chips.  I remember thinking what a good spot we were in, and although I reaped some benny's, Smokkee cashed in huge.  Big congrats to him on taking this down, and getting the TOC entry.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Donkey wins

Had a fun time playing the Donkament last night.  I invested almost 1/4th the prize pool, so it was a good thing I won:

Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary Friday Nite Blogger Donkament (82801490) Hold'em No Limit
Buy-In: $1 + $1
Add-On: $1
Rebuy: $1
twoblackaces performed 1 Add-On
twoblackaces performed 20 Rebuys
Buy-In Chips: 1000
Add-On Chips: 1500
Rebuy Chips: 1000
13 Entries
Total Add-Ons: 12
Total Rebuys: 74
Total Prize Pool: $99

It was unfortunate that I could not chat, as there was plenty of good hearted banter being tossed around....and I had the libations going in full force!  


Friday, March 13, 2009

A little light at the end of the tunnel

This was another one of those $75 / 45 man SNG's.  I think the main thing that came out of this was that all my hands held up.  And that is a rarity these days.  So maybe their anger with me is subsiding!  


High Stakes poker Season 5

Man I totally missed the start.....if you did too, this link has both episodes that have aired so far.

IMO, HSP is the only poker program worth watching!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mookology 101 - Grade #F

I was about as card dead as I have ever been in last night's Mookie.   250 hands dealt, and only 3 premium hands dealt.  3!!!!!!  Jesus Flipping Christ!!!!!!

The first was AQ, and I had to get uber lucky to even win that hand...sry Dave.

And depending on your definition of 'playable hands', I had KQ twice, a pair of ducks once, and a pair of 8's, and that's it.  The rest were plain ole bottom of the barrel garbage hands.  Pretty crapalicious if you ask me.  

I somehow got to the final table, did have a double up with some ace rag hand, but ultimately, I took another ace rag against KK and JJ, and couldn't summon the suckout gods one more time:

That gave HOP the ammo needed, and was able to take it down.  Congrats to him.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HU w/Michael Craig Part 2

I don't have much to brag about these days...at least busting the FullTilt Pro's is a small consolation!

Har har har!!!


BBT4 - On the board finally

Luckily for me, seems like FullTilt's Doom switch can only be on for one type of game at a time.....oops....now I've done it!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Doom switch stuck in ON position

I have to wonder if FullTilt may be a little hacked off that I replied to their email, and told them what I thought about their crappy chat ban they've bestowed upon mua.  

Needless to say, I've been running crapaliciously.  Check this out:

I won't bore you with any more, these two hands are very representative on how's it been going.  The tease factor has been pretty consistent too.  Like I said...crapalicious!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

BBT Week1

Well, let's see....I guess there isn't anything to report.  I am off to a very poor start.  Al has put up the leaderboard here.

You'll have to scroll all the way down to line 72 to see my sad position.
Hopefully, I can get on the board this week.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

PAWNing Scott "Fish"man

This was an 8 man shootout HU SNG.  Needless to say, nothing would make me happier than to take this 'fish' out.

The key swing hand was this one:

Love that river play!

Next to last hand, Fish gets that best of me:

And, the final hand, I get trapped by the pro, but I pull the old 'suckout' out of da bag:

Here's the recap:


Monday, March 2, 2009

BBT4 kicks off

BBT4 got underway yesterday, and I played both events.  I never got anything going in either event, and went out quietly mid field in both tourny's.  

Tonight, the series continue's with the new Riverhasers, $26 buy-in event.  Maybe I'll have better luck...god knows I need it the way the cards have been going lately.

Tournament: PPI / Riverchasers Tournament
When: Every Monday at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $24+2 or token
Password: riverchasers


FT Chat ban

I didn't put the text of what I said that got me banned in the last post, but for those of you that asked, here it is:

26-Feb-2009 09:47:03 cant be a lucky guy with a horseshoe up his a$$

26-Feb-2009 10:01:04 go phuck yourself

26-Feb-2009 10:01:07 retard

26-Feb-2009 17:08:01 call you phucking thief

26-Feb-2009 17:08:12 you phucking deuchbag

26-Feb-2009 17:08:36 f u a$$hole  (he called, sucked out, so this was the final insult!)

Basically, what set me off was that I was having computer issues, and when I was able to finally connect again, this dude was firing away stealing my blinds (HU SNG Tourny).  Now this isn't the first time that this has happened.  But it did happen on the heels of having taken a bunch of bad beats, and I suppose this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

So I shoved the first hand I was back (had only about 1/4th of my stack), and I let him have it while he 'contemplated' the call.  What he was actually doing was cutting and pasting and emailing support obviously, but he called with some inferior holding, and got there.  Bastard!