Monday, April 27, 2009

Another shirt is on the way!

My little girl loves the donkey on the front of the shirt too!  :-)  


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hard to believe that the WSOP is right around the corner.  The first event is 5/27 with the casino employee event, and the next day the new $40K buy-in NL event gets underway.

As I stated in a previous post, it still boggles my mind that I have not gone out, but I am making an effort to qualify for the ME, and plan to also play some of the 2k qualifiers as well.  I suppose my online poker career will always be my bread and butter, but once in that live enviornment, I am quite happy as well.  It's just getting there that seems to be the BOB.  

For those of you that enjoy prop betting on the WSOP, Bodog has posted their odds.

I'm thinking about maybe putting some action ($50 max) on Scotty Nguyen, for the last longer bet, in the 50K Horse event, where he is the defending champion.  

2009 WSOP* - Which Poker pro will last longer in the 2009 WSOP $50K HORSE Event (Event #49) starting on June 26th? 
At least 1 player must cash for wager to have action, $50 Max
Doyle Brunson
Scotty Nguyen
Phil Hellmuth
Johnny Chan
Freddy Deeb
Phil Ivey
David Williams
Justin Bonomo
Daniel Negreanu

There's been some stories floating (hear it from the (drunk?)horses mouth here), and also commented on some podcasts, that Scotty has set a goal of winning 4M at this years WSOP, or he's quitting the game.  (yeah right!) In fact, Bodog has this as one of it's props.

Obviously, he's a gambler, and these are the kinds of things a gambler says, then backs off if it doesn't come through.  However, say what you want about Scotty, I think he's going to try his best to defend, and will play at least good enough to take down the ll bet for whoever places it.  

Another one I was thinking about (however have missed the boat on) was this one:

2009 WSOP* - Will Jean-Robert Bellande be a survivor of the 2009 WSOP Main Event (event #57)? 
All wagers have action ($50 Max) (This Prop is Closed for Betting)
No Money 
10th - Last Paid Placing 
2nd-9th (Final Table) 

There is a pretty good interview with Jean-Robert on the 2+2 Podcast, talk about good BR management!  LOL

Anyway, I have not played to much this weekend as we had family commitments, the last of which we are heading out to this afternoon.  I'm hopeful to get back in time to play the 750K, but if not, should get some tournies in the evening.

Hope you all are doing well, and good luck as always on the virutal felt!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

300th Post

I actually don't have anything to say.  I happen to go over to the Dashboard and noticed this is my 300th post since I started this journal/blog about 17 months ago.  It's interesting to go back and look at previous posts, and at least to me, I can certainly identify where I was then, and where I think I am now.  

So I'll ramble this post, just whatever pops into my head, and see where that takes me....

Poker has been my hobby now for at least the last 4 years or so.  Where I use to read every single bit of poker related news, watch all the tv shows and of course read all the online poker sites and blogs, I have certainly slowed down quite a bit on that front.  

I'm still putting in a good volume of MTT's, and still have my one goal of one of these days hitting a big score.   I think I am certainly now very capable of achieving that goal, I just need to get it done.  

I've started taking shots at some of the daily $150 buy-in tourny's, and of course I'm still plugging away at the Sunday FT weekly main event, although this year, I've put up some real stinkers in that tourney.  Luckily, I don't think I've bought in, as satelliting into the tourny is about the easiest thing to do on FT.  Sometimes I'll go for the challenge, my personal best was 8 seats, but that doesn't come close to what some of the regular's do.  I think the leader this week is already at 11!

I think the one thing I still struggle with is I'm somewhat impatient.  In the heat of battle I sometimes let that get the best of me, and I wind up getting involved in hands I should not have been playing in the first place.  When I review my sessions, I certainly focus more on where I lost key hands, than the ones I win.  Not that the latter aren't important, they are, but I feel I make up more ground in analyzing the input data dynamics of hands I lose, than those I win.  At least that's my personal feeling on that subject.  

As for the BBT4, I have yet to win an event.  I came close on Sunday, just unlucky I suppose.  I certainly would like to win one, as that would keep my streak going.  I have won at least one event, in every BBT thus far.  I think the series is about the half way point, so we'll see if I can get it done.  I was reading on TJ's blog yesterday, something about lost cowboys.  TJ???? WTF are you talking about??? Hush!!!!!  ;-)  

As for general blogger-world observations, it sure has been lacking some drama!  Last few years there were some pretty good soap-opera like stories floating around, but certainly seems like that's all but gone.  There are still a few blogs out there, where actual poker content is being dished out.  But I think we've seen plenty of the blogs talk more about politics, the economy or other non-poker related subjects as of late, which is ok, after all everyone's blog is there own, and they can post whatever the hec they want.  

If your a Cardrunners member, they have a bunch of blog posters on there as well who talk plenty of poker hands, analysis and discussion included.  You can pay for the subscription with FTP points, which is what I always do, so FYI if you didn't know.

As for the WSOP, I am once again on the fence about going.  I have absolutely no idea why I have not gone as of yet, other than I'm lazy.  To think I rather stay home and play online, really boggles my mind.  Especially since I love going to Vegas, and once I'm in the casino, I'm very excited to play live.  At any rate, I am playing the weekly freeroll, started a couple of weeks ago, as I didn't even realize that Ft was running that promotion.  For those that don't know, Fulltilt has the Race To The Main Event, check it out under promotions, in the cashier. 

They have several ways to get to the Final on Sunday, I just buyin directly by earning 3000 pts in a week.   If you search my name, you'll see I'm already register for Sundays tournament.  They usually have 8 seats to give away, and they get about 400+ runners or so.

So, if I happen to win, I've told myself I'm going, and not taking the cash.  We'll see, first things first obviously.  

Ok, well I suppose that's enough of a ramble for now.  

Mookie tonight, as always, looking to see if I can win #3. 


Monday, April 20, 2009

Blowin some steam

So yesterday's tone was set early on in the day, as reference in my previous post.  Pretty much got the ole crapola kicked out of me on the river, above and beyond my usual share.  So to blow off some steam, I got in some cheap sng, and a few hands in...this happens:

Nothing like the poker gods really sticking it you, when nothing but a few bits are on the line.  

To put a nice ribbon on the day, I final table the Big Game last night, and was the money bubble boy.  Although not screwed on the river, nevertheless same result in this key hand, which pretty much just took the sails out of me once and for all:

And now...BREAKING I am writing this post, I just got bounced from the Riverchasers:

Yay me!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

"That's Poker"

I came one River card away from earning a BBT4 win, and a seat in the TOC earlier today in the Brit Blogger game.

That's poker.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday My Little Princess!

Our little princess Juliette, turned 1 today.  She is the absolute most precious beautiful little girl in the world!  Of course, I am a little biased, but can you blame me?  

Happy birthday honey, with all our love,

Mom & Dad

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And another ....

I took at look at my stats in these again after this win, and I'm running at 21% ROI.  The fields in these are getting tougher, a good portion of the players are regulars, and this is also their ticket to the MTT Leaderboard, of which FT pays a bonus to the top performers.  These however are not my bread & butter, but certainly I've been having great succes in them.  I personally still like mainly playing Heads-up SNG's, and 1 Table SNG's.  That has been the 'feeder' into my MTT habit.  I do like to pepper in and play 1 or 2 of these 45 Man $69's, on a semi-regular basis, and will probably continue to do so.

It certainly is nice to win, as it gives a very nice replenish to the BR.  

In other news, 'The Big Gem' broke through, and finally got his most desired score, as he finally broke his curse in the Mook.  You can get all the play by play in an epic (read long) post today in classic Hoy style.

I on the other hand, continue my goal of perfecting futility in the BBT4.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don't see this every day



1 HP crappy 17" laptop - $1000
ATT 'even crappier always on the fritz' UVerse DSL - $40
Full Tilt 'crapalicious always crashing' Software - No Charge
SNG - HU - $88 

Playing only 1 hand, Flopping DQB & Getting paid off fully - PRICELESS!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Season 5 of High Stakes poker has been as my son says, the 'shitz-fitz'!  No idea how to spell that either, but it certainly means 'da bomb'!  

An absolutely amazing hand played by Durr (Tom Dwan) is at the 36:50 mark.  Check this out:

Is this guy in a league of his own or what???   Here's a few thought's I have on this amazing hand.

First, Barry open raises UTG with AA, and EVERYONE CALLS!  WTF!!!  I remembered some guy at the WSOP singin 'It's a family affair', when I saw that.  So they take the flop 8 HANDED! 

Flop comes 2T2.  Eastgate (holding 42) and Doyle check, but Barry leads mind you, into 8 players for half pot or so.  Now if you've been watching HSP, Durr has been taking his time, playing slow if you will.  Something that struck me odd, given the guy plays multi-table High stakes online, where you are constantly having to make quick decisions.  But I'm convince the guy is just like a computer, he has his inputs, and now is coming out with best +EV play.

So he raises, with his top pair, which HE KNOWS is no good.  But what he does know, is that Barry's bet into 8 players, is showing strength, so a raise by him is 'indicative' of greater strength, and knows it will narrow the field down.  

Table folds back to Eastgate, who has made trip ducks crap kicker.  He flats, and so does Barry.  I really think Eastgate's flat was really Bad.  If he thought his hand was good, a raise was in order.  I think he's a good enough player to realize that Dwan is representing significant strength, and if so, he has to think Dwan's on A2 or maybe TT.  Either hand has him crushed, so sticking around with a call, just doesn't seem to be his best option.  But what the fuck do I know? I play 1/2 !  

Barry is in more of a pickle.  He knows Dwan, a thinking multi-level player, could be making this play, well, with exactly what he has.  So Barry's flat I think at least is more defendable than Eastgate's, getting 4:1 at this point, and seeing if perhaps that slows Dwan down.

The Turn brings a 7, and Eastgate and Barry check...Dwan then bets 100k into a 130k pot (apprx).  What is his thought process?  Well, given the action on the flop, I think he knows without a doubt exactly what both Eastgate and Barry have!  After Eastgate checks and then flats the flop, he knows that he's probably got a weak duck.  Recall, this was a family pot. Since Dwan has a ten in his hand, it makes Tens Full very unlikely.  Barry having bet into the field on the flop, then calling his raise, makes his most likely holding a big pair.  To do this at the table is one thing, to watch the clip a billion time like I have, to draw my conclusions, is another.  That guy is just thinking on a completely different level!  

Then, to add insult to injury, after the hand is over, Eli says 'Barry folded the best hand', to which Dwan snap replies ' No, Peter folded the best hand', then proceeds to make a $2000 bet with Doyle!!!  " Thats Gold Jerry, Gold!!!!!"

If you haven't watch Season 5, which continues Sunday but with a bunch of new players, search on Youtube, they are all there. There are many other interesting hands, a couple involving monster pots, and yes, Durr's right in the middle of them all!

Best poker show on TV, period.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Another SNG win

This one turned on this hand, where I did get lucky, but certainly was surprised that he made the call, given his holdings, the board, and my range:

I was able to cruise to the final table, and when we got heads up, I was down 4.5 to 1 to the chipleader.  He is a very very good aggressive player, and I was actually very surprised at how he played heads up.  Basically, he was shoving every button pre-flop, and continued to do this even after I finally called one of his all-ins, won, and got back to even in chips.  I thought then, he settle into a good HU match, but no, he continued to just shove.  Makes it irritating, but I was very proud that I didn't get that 'antsy' feeling I get sometimes, and patiently waited.  Now I was also raising my buttons, not all in, and interestingly, he only shoved a couple of my button raises, and folded the rest.  I even started min-raising, and he was still folding.  Not making any adjustments/changes from a player I know to be an excellent player, really had me baffeled.  

Then it dawned on me....he was probably drunk!   lol

In other news, I'm still managing to do absolutely nothing in the BBT.  Last night, I went through a period where I didn't even realize I was sitting out.  Dangers of playing on a laptop I suppose.    


DQB-ville & Sunday wrap up

Yesterday, I visited DQB-ville.  Besides these hands, there were 3 other were I folded the case card prelop, else I would have had 6 DQB's....too bad I couldn't parlay any of these into some significant momentum:

As you can see, the last one was from the Brit Blogger game, where I was off to a good start, bu imploded with 18 or so left.  

In Goats Bad Bankroll tourney, I was busted by Hoy, so he earns the bounty I put up.  IIRC, I raised AJ OTB, and he woke up with AK in the SB.  Don't recall the action, but we did go to the river, where an ace fell, and I wound up calling after he led out for what-ever I had left.  Wasn't much, and probably could have got away from it, but oh well.  Congrats to Buddy, as I saw that he took it down.  

I played a bunch of tournies yesterday, but I only managed to cash in the 750K too, which is ok, but certainly not the goal.  

With all the yak going on about Pokerstars SCOOP, I decided to check it out.  I had like 30 bucks on Stars, so I played some juiced up 2.20 turbo, and managed to win a seat into the $33 - mid level event yesterday.  And damn-it, I really freaking liked it!  I hate that!  I swore of stars a long time ago, for many reasons, but I really enjoyed the 10K starting chips, and I thought the structure was very decent.  Of course, there was ALOT of players, but in the end, some lucky fuck was getting a prize north of $50k for a $33 investment.  Not bad.  Despite the great structure, I busted fairly early as I re-raised large on a draw heavy board, holding middle set.  I was re-raised all-in by a guy holding top pair and a gutter.  Yuk - then I remember why I really hate Stars!  Some things never change!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bad Bankroll Management Tournament Bounty

I'm in...will you be?  I had the good fortunes of winning the inaugral event, and it was alot of fun. 

So far, there is only 5 signed up....hopefully, more of you will join up later today.  You can catch all the details on Mr Julius Goat blog.  

As an added bonus to the cash prize pool, and the already amazing prizes (come on, who doesn't want their very own DonkAvatar?) , I'm also throwing in a Mookie buy-in bounty to whoever knocks me out....for the rest of all remaining Mookie's in April.  That's 4 in all folks...and with BBT TOC seats on the line, I'm sure that it could come be your ticket to a ME seat at the WSOP!

So come on out, and join our host Mr Julius Goat for all the festivities.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

25K (Take 2)

Yup....made the final table again.  Back to back nights, first time for everything.  I also managed to improve my finish, although hugely dissappointed that I didn't take this down.  I had the chip lead 3 handed, but unfortunately one of my opponents made a set, when I hit top pair.  Then a few hands later, I open shoved into the BB ( same guy) with suited QT, and he pretty much snapped called me with K4, and hit his 4.  

I also had a nice finish in the 4k Heads Up:

Unfortunately in the Mookie, nothing went right.  I went out when I open raised JJ from the button, and the BB re-raised.  I shoved, and he snapped called with KK.  GG me there.