Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spain vs Russia

Get some popcorn....this had me in stiches.....DARK is a russian, and Larios is from Spain, so the english isn't the best, which I guess makes it that much funnier...at least to me! LOL!

This hand, tilts DARKK_J, and starts the festivities:

DARKK__J: facken lucky donk
DARKK__J: raise allin with facken flash dro
DARKK__J: donkmaster
DARKK__J: how sick
DARKK__J: ofcourse i knew that i had A
DARKK__J: you*
DaKilla7777: dumb as fk
DARKK__J: but you still go allin donk
DaKilla7777: ????
DARKK__J: great
DARKK__J: faacken donlk
DARKK__J: donk

LarioS69: Yeah, what a donk -------This poor sap chimes in, not knowing this was to follow:

DARKK__J: idiot
LarioS69: Donk with ur chips xD
LarioS69: dont forgot
DARKK__J: suck it bitc
DARKK__J: you ll lose
DARKK__J: critin
LarioS69: AK all in ?
LarioS69: xD
DARKK__J: Lmao
DARKK__J: K10 call?
DARKK__J: idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LarioS69: i think that u have 44 or similar
DARKK__J: moron
LarioS69: Yeah idiot with ur chips xD
DARKK__J: you cant think damn
LarioS69: GO! around :)
DARKK__J: damnbass..asssholic!!!!111facken bitc
DARKK__J (Observer): stuped spain
DARKK__J (Observer): you are facken damnbass
LarioS69: Mother &&@!er goes play bingo
LarioS69: Good luck! :)
DARKK__J (Observer): ill fack your mom
LarioS69: yeye i know!
DARKK__J (Observer): & you facken fanily
LarioS69: xD
DARKK__J (Observer): ----->>>>> (|)
LarioS69: wowo xD
DARKK__J (Observer): wait me
DARKK__J (Observer): ill come
DARKK__J (Observer): to fack you
LarioS69: Yes for eat my &!@!
LarioS69: dig
DARKK__J (Observer): into your @%!
DARKK__J (Observer): ( | )
LarioS69: &!@! u
DARKK__J (Observer): facken chicken
LarioS69: xDD
LarioS69: Thnx for ur chips
LarioS69: i need this
DARKK__J (Observer): i need my kak into your gacken asssssssssssssss
DARKK__J (Observer): whore

LarioS69: Thnx
LarioS69: xD
TheNun1: now i remeber why i stopped playing here
LarioS69: Hey man!!!
LarioS69: Remember my name
DARKK__J (Observer): go fackyourself
DARKK__J (Observer): into yourname
LarioS69: xD
LarioS69: Dark u dont have nothing better than make ?

DARKK__J (Observer): you are facken fish
LarioS69: YE i know and ?
DARKK__J (Observer): have -1200 profit
DARKK__J (Observer): fish
LarioS69: Yes i know but in live i have +9000$
DARKK__J (Observer): ofcourse

LarioS69: http://danielo69blog.blogspot.com/ ----new blog in Spanish

DARKK__J (Observer): - 10M i think
LarioS69: Goes visit my blog
DARKK__J (Observer): how d call me with K10
DARKK__J (Observer): preflop
DARKK__J (Observer): on all your stack
LarioS69: why i need more chips or go out of toruney
LarioS69: the first inn chips have 25ks
DARKK__J (Observer): K10 da nutz?
DARKK__J (Observer): just explain
DARKK__J (Observer): your action
LarioS69: i think that 60% vs 40%
DARKK__J (Observer): why you do this?
DARKK__J (Observer): 60\40??
LarioS69: i thinked
LarioS69: But after or loock ur hand i was dead
DARKK__J (Observer): what do yiu think i had?
DARKK__J (Observer): A 4
DARKK__J (Observer): ?
LarioS69: Sorry and good luck the next T_T
LarioS69: i thinked u was with 4-4
LarioS69: or something

Larios got the last laugh on me too:


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Played a little HORSE tourney and came 3rd. The chip leader and eventual winner, had a knack for chasing hands down. I must have lost at least 3 huge pots where he rivered a better hand, and you just can't do much about that.

Nevertheless, I don't play HORSE much, so I'm pretty content to have gone this deep.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

14K FT

The good news is that I was happy to not get the 'royal FU' suckout this time around, and actually made a final table. The bad news obviously was that I couldn't close this out.

Will keep trying....


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Da Junk again!!!

Sucks to go deep and have this happen:

What could have been once again........


Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post 4K wrapup

Here is the hand that really crippled me:

The check min-raise on the flop, againt most players, is definitely a red flag. But this guy was soooooooooo bad, I didn't really know what to make of it. To this point, the guy was calling and had not folded a single hand pre-flop, and we were maybe 20 hands in, plus I had disposed of my semi-final opponent pretty quickly, and was able to observe his play in his semi final match. The guy wanted to see every single flop....regardless of position, or if the pot was raised or not. I figured he had something, and of course you have to consider he may have flopped the flush, but nevertheless, I had hit the flop as well, and figured my only two options were fold or push.

Then of course, I get the 'crap' in the chat:

"ChansBoy: ship it baaaby"

Well, I got the last laugh on him obviously......funny thing is that after he had crippled me, he started folding! LOL!!!! We went about another 10 hands, were it folded back and forth, so he really did me a huge favor, given I would have been forced to play rags, but of course, he couldn't figure out the proper play given his big stack. Fine by me.

So after those 10 hands, I start the comeback here:

Then, after another 8 or 9 hands, still folding on his part, this hand got me back a bunch of chips:

He then, retakes the lead on this hand:

I really hated paying him off there, but again, given how bad he was, I felt there was a good chance I had the best hand.

Then I get my one and only needed break from the poker gods, however, it did cost me a mouse, and I think Mrs 2BA spilled her cocktail, given how she yelled back at me and all....in fairness, she was watching some documentary involving ghosts/supernatural crossover's from the dead, so when I flung the mouse, she being into the show, got pretty spooked and almost fell off the couch....sorry honey! :-)

I mean what can I say, this hand was pretty bad...so what? wtf was he doing there with T2? does he think he's Doyle fucking Brunson or something???? haha

So I dwindle a bit, having been giving this huge 'pass', and I rope him good here:

Again, this was standard, any 2 will do. Here's the final hand:

So he 3 bets me preflop, but with this guy, that meant squat to me. However, I called, to see what the flop would bring. I was first to act, and I liked the flop, figuring my equity against his range was pretty good. Given the size of the pot already, I figured shoving was my best option, and unfortunately, he actually had a hand finally, but it was a flip, more or less, and I came out on top.

Ship it baaaby!!!!!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

4K Heads up Winnah

I took a huge beat in the final match, which left me crippled. Sure was a sweet victory, especially after the DB Fish was giving me the 'ship it' needle in the chat. I'll put those hands up tomorrow, but certainly am happy to have taking this one down!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's all Rigged!

Daniel Negreanu tweeted yesterday:

"Moved into Iveys seat. He went broke with 50k w quads to straight flush."

I'd say that was a jackpot hand!

Beats my version of a jackpot hand:

Live/Online....it's all rigged!


Back again...sorta

My vacation doesn't officially end until Sunday, but I'm certainly winding down. Am back to playing on a somewhat regular basis this week, while trying to get caught up on the happenings on the blogs, & at the WSOP.

If you don't already know, the blogger's at the WSOP have been making noise! I still have much catching up to do, but so far, Sprstoner took 3rd in Event #13, for over 200k, LJ took 10th in Event#31, CK took her BBT4 winning seat and placed 39th in Event #25 and cashed in Omaha 8, and JamyHawk scored when his friend actually won Event#28 for over 630K!

Thats a pretty good showing, and hopefully there will be more to come. I got lazy, and decided not to go to Vegas, although I will still try and see if with my remaining FT freerolls, I can win a seat to the ME.

I played a few tournaments yesterday, and actually made deep runs in several. The most significant being the 50/50:

My bustout hand came at the hands of the ole River:

Obviously, if I win that hand, I have a great chance at making a run at the win. I went through the entire HH of this tournament this morning, because as I reviewed the tournament in my mind, it occured to me that I never got dealt any premium pocket pairs. Sure enough, it was true. I was dealt, 388 hands, and no AA/KK/QQ/JJ. I did get AK (my nemesis hand) 5 times, and surprisingly, they held every time! now thats a freaking rarity!

Again, my congrats to all the bloggers who have scored at the WSOP, and much luck to all that are still making the trek in future weeks.


Monday, June 8, 2009

On a little hiatus

I am probably not going to be doing a whole lot of playing or posting, I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll get some SNG's and a few MTT's in, but am certainly not playing my usual rotation of tournaments.

Congrats to JJ, Actyper, CK on their TOC wins, good luck in Vegas!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Joining the band wagon


Don't know how much I'll actually post, but had to create an account to follow the Wsop updates from the players I'm interested in following.


The proverbial 'running bad'

Have not had much to write about lately, the cards for one have been betraying me on a fairly consistent basis.  Of course, there are still some good spots, although obviously when running bad, they don't come up often.

Running bad is an interesting anomaly to say the least.   

I've been going over some tournaments HH's,  that I've played over the last few weeks, and I have had deep runs (top 5% of field), in quite a bit of them.  Now I got the chips, mainly...'running good' I suppose.  Won flips, hit my semi-bluffs, made believeable bluffs, etc.  However, in all of these tournaments, my fall came in the exact same way, every single time.  Namely, I'm getting my money in good, but I'm not getting there, as my old friend Adar like's to say.  So as an MTT player, you can run bad, within the overall confines of running good!  

Nothing earth shattering here, but it bears to remind oneself, that this is the life of the dedicated MTT player.  Peppered in between all of this, on occasion, you'll hit the big hand at the end, and you'll make final tables, and with some luck, take some of the those down.  EVERYONE gets lucky to win a big field MTT.

I use to really bang my head thinking how it is that some of the very successful online MTT players, seem to always run so good.  But the reality is that they don't.  They just put in such a huge volume of play, and given their play is solid to begin with, it's just a numbers game.  They take their share of beats, just like everyone else.  

Ok, so enough with the obvious, I just need to remind myself of it from time to time. 

Moving on to the opposite of running bad, here is an instant, where the deck was hitting me like never before.  Of course, it was in a SNG, I had just busted the bubble boy, so we were in the money, and the guy in 3rd was super short stacked:

I made this call, simply because I was in god mode.  I had basically knocked everyone else out, and when he shoved, given how short the other guy was, I really couldn't resist.  That was bad I know, but seriously, I just couldn't lose.....now why is it that freaking 'god mode' doesn't strike when I'm deep in a big buy-in MTT????  just a matter of time I hope!  

On a side note, have you ever been dealt Aces, but someone at your table was running so good, you just knew you'd lose?  of course you have!  Running good is the shitz!

Here was a fun hand...good ole fashion shootout between the best 3 Holdem starting hands...of course you know what happens:

Have a great weekend everyone, 


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Battle of the Bloggers Series ends

I notice Al posted on his blog, that the BBT series will be no more, although he does mention maybe some other incarnation may pop up.  Whether it does or doesn't, it was a fun series, and Al deserves a big Thank You from all.  I know I enjoyed supporting, playing & writing about it, and it was all as a result of his efforts.

Al, I'm rooting for you in the TOC, I think it would be a fantastic ending for all of your contributions to this little group in cyber space.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We now return.....

....to our regularly scheduled programming.....


Monday, June 1, 2009

40K WSOP & BBT4 ends

This is the final hand from the WSOP 40K event, as reported by Change100 from Pokernews.com:

Vitaly Lunkin has the button. He limps in and Haxton raises an additional 600,000. Lunkin makes the call. 
The flop is {Q-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds}. Haxton leads out for 1,200,000, Lunkin moves all in and Haxton calls all in for 5,635,000. 

{3-Diamonds} {8-Clubs} 
{A-Spades} {A-Hearts} 

The turn is the 
{7-Clubs}, no help for Haxton, who needs a diamond, an eight or a three to keep his bracelet hopes alive. The river, though, is the {K-Spades} and Vitaly Lunkin wins the tournament, his friends rushing the table to embrace him. They wrap Lunkin in a Russian flag as they celebrate. 

Haxton earns $1,168,566 for his runner-up finish while Lunkin takes home $1,891,012 and his second WSOP bracelet.

On the line is a prestigious WSOP Bracelet, about 600K diff between 1st and 2nd, huge bragging rights about besting the toughest field in a 40K buy in WSOP event.....and what does Mr Haxton go down in flames with???  THE CANADIAN HAMMER!  LOL!!!

Heads up play has a very interesting meta game, and every MTT obviously forces you to play HU, if your lucky enough to get to end.  I think however, it's a part of the game that many think they 'know' how to play, yet many actualy don't know as much as they think.  

I love it when I'm playing a guy HU, and he's raising every button...well, basically because that's what your suppose to do HU, right?  he see's Doyle doing it, so it must be the correct way to play.  Oh well, I just got a chuckle out of Haxton playing the 83 I suppose more than anything....I don't know what the flow of the game had been, or how aggresive these guys were, so I'm not being as critical as I am being entertained by the situation.

I played the last 2 events of the BBT4 yesterday, and fizzled out.  Yesterday's theme very appropriately followed the theme of my entire play in the BBT4.  Namely, my big hands didn't hold up when they mattered.  I was going to back an epic bad beat post, on how I was bounced from each event I played, but it's water under the bridge.  

My congrats and felicitations to all the TOC winners, 2k WSOP monthly winners, leaderboard money winners, and my sincerest best of luck in the TOC.  

And of course, a Big Thank You to Mr Alcanthang for putting this together, and best of luck to you in the TOC.