Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blind vs Blind

When the action folds around where it becomes SB vs BB, it presents some very interesting situations, both in tournaments and cash. Not being but a once or twice a year live player, I wasn't even aware for example, that at some card houses, if this situation occurs in cash games, the player's will just 'chop'. I'm still not exactly sure of the logic, or why it's even a chop, since the SB still has to pay the $1 rake. At least that's the policy at the Commerce in L.A.

So this situation presented itself when I was there a few week's back. Interestingly, it was the other player's seated who brought the so call 'chop' to my attention. I didn't know, and wanted to play the hand. The guy in the BB hasn't said a peep either, and frankly with the table talk going, that didn't really register with me. Well after some time, we played the hand. I completed, and the BB checked. I would have raised, but with all the commotion, I decided to limp with a suited ace. So I then proceed to flop the joint, and I lead out for the pot. BB smooth calls. Turn comes a blank as far as I was concerned, and I potted again. BB smooth calls again. I think I only had about $200 total, and the BB had me covered. So at this point there's about $100 in the pot, and I got $150 behind. The river comes another blank, and I value bet for another $60, and now the BB puts me all in. It's a great feeling to know you have the nuts, and have someone make a move like that. At any rate, easy call, I dragged a nice pot, and the BB flung his cards at the dealer exposing pocket Kings, and the entire table broke out in laughter.

I had forgotten about this hand, esp since I don't do notes. However, I had this hand last night come up in a cash game, and it triggered the memory.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5426367969: Table Laurel Ridge - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:42:06 ET - 2008/02/27
Seat 1: Baltika3 ($198)
Seat 2: Erncash ($159.30)
Seat 3: abzolute ($72)
Seat 4: woodygotthenuts ($104.35)
Seat 5: twoblackaces ($198)
Seat 6: themightyjim ($198)
Seat 7: fopeyducker ($82.55)
Seat 8: ZManChoo ($195)
Seat 9: wwonka69 ($197) is sitting out
twoblackaces posts the small blind of $1
themightyjim posts the big blind of $2
5 seconds left to act
abzolute is sitting out
Time has expired
The button is in seat #4

Holecards :
Dealt to twoblackaces [ ]
abzolute has returned
fopeyducker folds
ZManChoo folds
Baltika3 folds
Erncash folds
woodygotthenuts folds
twoblackaces raises to $6
themightyjim calls $4

Flop :
[ ]
twoblackaces bets $8
themightyjim calls $8

[ ] [ ]
twoblackaces bets $28
themightyjim calls $28

[ ] [ ]
twoblackaces bets $84
themightyjim raises to $156, and is all in
twoblackaces calls $72, and is all in

themightyjim shows [ ] three of a kind, Nines
twoblackaces shows [ ] a straight, Five high
twoblackaces wins the pot ($393) with a straight, Five high
themightyjim adds $200

Total pot $396 | Rake $3
[ ]
Seat 1: Baltika3 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: Erncash didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: abzolute is sitting out
Seat 4: woodygotthenuts (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: twoblackaces (small blind) showed [ ] and won ($393) with a straight Five high
Seat 6: themightyjim (big blind) showed [

On a final note, I played the Mookie last night, and although the Mookster himself told me that his 'curse' only lasted for that game only, I had another flame out last night, this time against LJ.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kimmels revenge

I put this post up at the beginning of the month.

Here's Kimmels hilarious response:

Battle of the Blogger Touranments 3

You can find all the details on Al's page.

In BBT1, I only played one event. I was lucky enough to win it, and since it was The Big Game, it had a nice payout. I didn't play in any other events, mainly because I didn't even realize it was a series. I just happen to see a post by the good Dr if memory serves me right, and was basically my first intro to the 'playing' blogger community.

In BBT2, I played most of the events, and did pretty well. I had a win, and placed 3rd overall in the standings. The win put me in the tournament of champions, which I wrote about in one of my early entries.

I will try and play as many of the BBT3 events as I can, but will probably much less than I did in BBT2, due to our little girl coming into the world in April. But we shall see how it goes.

Good luck to everyone, and special thanks to Al, who has all the right connections in putting these amazing tournaments together!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend recap

This hand represents the highlight of the weekend. Always nice to flop quads, but it would sure be nice if it happen at a more meaningful time. Timing is everything. I actually played in both the 750k and the Sunday mulligan yesterday on FullTilt. The good news is that I was able to satellite in to both. In the case of the 750k, I won 3 for the 750k (and one for the mulligan), which is nice since they pay you the cash after you win the seat. I played in an $8 dollar satellite Friday night to the 750K, and I absolutely crushed it. There were about 70 or so runners, and two seats up for grabs. I mean it wasn't even close. At one point, I had about 30k in chips, and the guy in 2nd had about 12k. I remember thinking why can't this happen in the big show?

The bad news of course was that I couldn't get anything going in both big tourneys. Anytime I made a move, I got played back at. And as usually happens in these big buy in tourneys, I didn't get any premium cards, so I had to pick spots as usual, and sometimes that doesn't go your way either.

Oh well, maybe I should make a quick trip to NY, and get some of that good winning karma that's in the air! Congrats to the Hammer Player, great achievement to say the least!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Mookie curse?

Mookie and Hoy have a prop bet to see who can win the coveted Mookie title first. Apparently, neither has won it recently, with Mookie winning it back in 06. At any rate, last night I knocked out Mookie. I looked over in his blog, and noticed the following in his live report:

9:25 … OUT! twoblackaces limps UTG with ATh and I jam in the middle with KJh. He calls and I hit a King on the flop but he rivers an Ace. He’s cursed…no way he wins now. :)

Well, apparently there is something to this. I must say that of all the blogger tournaments, for some reason I don't do well in the Mookie....And now to boot...I'm CURSED!

It didn't take long for that to manifest itself either!

I sure hope this curse only applies to last nights tourney! Else Yikes!!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

L.A. Mini Trip report

So Mrs. 2BA and I were in southern cal this past weekend, enjoying some nice weather, and good company with friends and family. Mrs. 2BA has baby 2BA in the oven, and is due in April. So both our friends and family had baby shower's festivities for us, and it all turned out really well. Of course, I managed to get in a little poker, and since I had a good accomplice in my brother in law (referred to as BIL going forward), we were able to get out to the 3 ring establishment known as Hawaiian Garden's. Clearly not the Bike or Commerce, but convenient to were we were staying in proximity, we headed out to play the 4pm $155 ($35 being juice!) tournament on Friday. It is quite clear that poker is still booming, as even in this dump, the place was packed. Since we got in around 1pm, we decided to play a little NL cash, while we waited for the tournament to start. My BIL sat at a $500 buy in, $5/$10 blind game, while I waited for the $300, $3/$5 game. We both got lucky in that we got on fresh tables, meaning we didn't have to face some bully who had amassed a ton of chips, as that can be disadvantages for any of the new player's buying in.

My cash game table got started 5 handed, and remained that way for and orbit or two, as there seemed to be some 'confusion' on the house's part sending player's here and there. When seats open up, it trigger's a mass request from player's wanting to hop from one game to another, so we had to wait for that to settle before we got the rest of our players. To say the game was loose, would be a huge understatement. 2nd hand out of the gate, the Asian fellow in the #1 seat limps into the pot, and so does everyone else (me too!). Flop comes out Ten high, and #1 leads out for about the pot. Now recall all still have there starting stack of $300. Folds around to the Asian guy in the #10 seat, who now raises....well ALL IN! #1 hems and haws, then says, and I kid you not " well, I'm COMMITTED, so I call!", and tables JT. And what did #10 have? T9 of course! So #1 stacks #10, and off we were.

Very next hand, #1 decides to sit out and order food (another annoying feature at L.A. clubs) to be consumed at the table, and the Asian guy in the #3 seat raises the pot up to 5x. Folds to #10 again, who has rebought for 3bills, and reraises to $100. #3 flat calls, and they see a flop of KKJ. #3 checks, and #10 bets $100. #3 moves in for the rest of his chips, and #10 FOLDS! #3 then proudly tables THE HAMMER! Nice play buddy!

This is just a small example of how the play was, which apparently after talking to my BIL, is the norm, and even looser at the higher tables. Unreal and so unfortunate that I couldn't do squadoosh, since I never got dealt any cards to go up against these numbknocks (sp?).

Anyway, I managed to leave the table only down about $50 or $60 bucks, and off we went to register for the tournament. This tourney carried a $30k guarantee, which was met, IIRC they got around 300+ runners. No rebuys.

I can only assume that since BIL and I bought in at the same time, we wound up sitting at the same starting table. I was in the 4 seat, and he was in the 6 seat. Here was the lineup for reference:

1 seat - Cowboy Donk
2 seat - Hippie Fish
3 seat - Really Lucky Asian Donk
4 seat - Me
5 seat - Asian Fish #2
6 seat - BIL Fish (haha)
7 seat - Elderly Fish
8 seat - Rotund Blow Donk
9 seat - Unlucky Mexican Donk
10 seat - Distracted Asian Fish #3

I can probably give you specific examples as to why all these were classified as fishies and donks, but take my word, they were collectively the worse bunch I've ever played with. Now to be fair, my BIL is normally a TAG, however, he proceeded to play about 10 of the first 12 hands, so at the time, he was at least playing the part. It really surprised me, but he later told me about how he was 'setting' up the table. So, if he wanted to project being a crazy LAG donk, he definitely got that message across. So needless to say, his starting stack of 3k was on an E ticket ride, getting down to as little as 1k. However to his credit, he chiped back up, and almost got it all back when he made a boat on the river, and led into his opponent (9 seat) after check calling the whole way. Once having his image established, he waited for the right time, which happen to come right before the 1st break. I don't recall if he limped or put in a small raise (I think the latter), but it folded around to #2 who called, but then #3 moved in. I then saw BIL flip over 2 red aces as he called, #2 folded and #3 flips AK offsuit. Now we all know the math here, so I remember thinking what a great time for bullet's as AK is a 90%+ underdog, and before I could even complete the thought the dealer dealt a flop of QJT, and in an instant sent my BIL to the rail in 'knee to the groin' style! And trust me when I tell you that the bad beats were alive and well, and this was just at our table. We saw #8 river a two outer on #10 to drag a huge pot, and later on #3 pull in the biggest pot of the night with the all might KT offsuit! Thats right folks, it went down something like this. #9 opens in late for 4x raise. #1, 2 and 3 all flat call the raise. The flop comes KT9. Checks to #9 who bets pot, #1 moves in, #2 folds, #3 reraises all in and #9 calls the all in's! Fun stuff! #1 had a set of 9's, #3 had KT and #9 had Aces........and of course, the river brings another T and ce la vie. If nothing else, it helps to see these things happen live, to only remind me that #45 is alive and well in live play as well!

So BIL goes back to Cash games, and I continue on. One other interesting situation happened while BIL was still at the table. In a previous hand, I got dealt AQ UTG, and raised it up 3x. Folded around to #10 who flat calls, and I think maybe one of the blinds calls as well. Flop comes Q high, and I'm in the process of thinking about what to bet. All of a sudden #10 decides to bet, before I had made my action known. Now I will confess that I had my Ipod on, so I was not really hearing what was going on, but others at the table were quick to note that I had not acted. So unaware this was going on, I make a pot size bet, and then #10 pulls back his money and mucks. The dealer pushes me the pot, and I that's when I realize something was going, as I was seeing finger pointing and arms flailing etc etc. So I took my buds out, and realized what had happened. Everyone at the table was in agreement that the since #10 had put money out, he had to at least call my bet. The rule however, at the HG is that I needed to make the objection, and call the floor over. For whatever reason, I decided I just wanted the game to move on, however the other player's had other ideas. They called the floor over, and gave a 'hypothetical' situation, which of course described in living color exactly what had just played out. As it turns out, the floor said that it would have only given a warning to the player who acted out of turn, and that any further occurrences would result in the bet being binding. I don't think anyone was happy with the ruling, but oh well, I suppose it's good to know all the local rules before playing. Mea culpa.

The structure for this tournament was pretty fast. The blind levels were 20min, and by the start of the 2nd hour, we were already at 100/200 w/25 ante. Needless to say, you couldn't sit around and wait for a hand, not that it would have mattered, as I was dealt nothing, so I had nothing to choose from. I did try and wait it out some, I had about 4k going into the second hour, but it dwindled down to 3k and I was first to have to post at 400 when the blinds went up to 200/400 with 50 ante. So right after I got past the blinds, I was in the highjack with Q8 suited. It folded to me, so of course I moved in for about 2300ish, and was instcalled by the (new) donk on the button with JT off. I also got called by the BB shorty with 83 off. Board came 338xT and IGHN.

I went back to the cash game area to look for BIL, and arrived just in time to see him milk some poor asian dude and double up ($500 bucks worth) when they got it all in on a flop of Q55, with PAD holding AQ and BIL with the might PRESTO! He later told me how lucky he is with presto, and I've suggested he read another PRESTO loving blogger.

I hit one more session at the cash tables, which was another $300 buyin, 3/5 game. Nothing of note except for one hand. Basically, I had been folding for about 30 min, and then I picked up KK in the CO. The guy in the HJ had limped in, and I raised to 4x. Blinds fold, and flop comes out A9x. He checks, and I put a C-bet out of about the pot. He quickly raises $150, and I go into the semi-tank. Why do I say the semi-tank? well, I had only contemplated my options for about 90 seconds, when the impatient moron, with only $50 bucks left to his name, (who btw was in the game only because he luck boxed a back door flush on a board he was obviously beat), calls the fucking CLOCK on me! Man was I peeved! I looked at him, and I said some 'choice' words to him (probably something that would have definitively banned my chat at FT), as the flipping floor person starts the countdown! JFC!!!!!!! I folded the cowboys face up, and my opponent showed me his top 2. So maybe the moron saved me some $$$, but man I was pissed.

Ok, thats about it, I think next time I'll go to the Bike, and complete the L.A. poker house Trifecta. I will be back on the virtual felt this week, where it will be nice to be at home, both mentally and physically.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good day (hour) at the office

I happen to catch the start of this match, Phil Ivey vs MuckemsayuHH (aka CTS). They both started with 60k. As you can see, Cole had a hec of a run. This took him about 1 hour's worth of work. Poor Ivey's been getting his butt handed to him these last two days. Ah the life of the high stakes poker player....


Out of the mouth's of Donkeys....

So inspired by Hoy's success in the 50/50, I signed up for the same tournament last night. I played pretty well, and was able to build a nice stack. Approx 20-30 min after the bubble burst, the following hand came up, which unfortunately didn't go my way.

AJ vs QQ

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the action leading to the money going in was omitted, but basically it went something like this.

HerbDonk opens the pot for about 1800, he has 5.5k or so behind. Another guy calls, and I'm in the SB with QQ. I reraise to 4k, and folds back to Herbdonk. He hits the time button, and after using it all up, goes ahead and pushes all in. So I call, and he flops the miracle. I don't necessary fault him for the call, but it was his reasoning which he typed in the chat that followed which cracked me up. Here it is, unedited:

bigg_stiff: is that a full tilt cheat? the longer you wait the better your
hand gets
Herbert761: nah
Dealer: gBallz4aLL has 15 seconds left to act
Herbert761: i ahd a note on him
Herbert761: he came over top of me w A9 once
Herbert761: otherwise i folsd

Enough said...LOL!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

High stakes sick beat

Ivey vs Urindanger

Update: In case you were feeling sorry for Urindanger...he busted Ivey shortly thereafter:


Monday, February 11, 2008

FTOPS Results

In FTOPS #8, I finished in the money......but that's not my goal. I just go no cards to speak of, and when I got down to about 10 BB's, I was looking for any decent cards to try and double up. Unfortunately, I kept getting dealt 3 high, 4 high, 6 high....etc.

The popularity of this series is pretty amazing. For #8, they got 6000 runners! So they are not getting any easier, and he or she that wins really has to play great poker, and not get unlucky.

For FTOPS #9, they also got something like 5500 runners....all ponying up 3 bills, making 1st place just shy of 300k! I once again got in via satellite, this time however making it on the 3rd try, so it cost be about $114 to buy in. Not bad still, and I was glad I did, since I didn't really want to do a direct buy in.

As for the tournament, I had the famous DUCKU at my opening table. For those that don't know, he holds the distinguished honor of being the only player to win FullTilt's Sunday tournament's on back to back week's last year. Pretty freaking amazing feat. If you like to see how a high caliber player like him gets chips early on, check this out.

I somehow managed to tread water all the way to the bubble. Seriously, I got no cards! Not a flipping group #1 hand. The best I saw were small pocket pairs, and mid suited connected cards. When we finally arrived close to the bubble, I had about 5k chips, and I finally got dealt AK Sooted. BUT, the action sucked!!! and we were within 10 from the bubble. I make it point never to look at the payouts, since I don't want even bottom money to influence my decisions, especially close to the bubble. 9 out of 10 times I make this call. BUT, the tightest player at the table, other than myself, raised from middle position about 30% of her stack. The guy in the CO, who had me covered by a few chips called. So I mucked. That player had shown only top hands, and on the bubble, I just didn't think that player would come into the pot with nothing less than QQ, and probably had KK or AA. As it turned out, she had KK, and I would have busted. I am still however second guessing myself this morning.

Nevertheless, the bubble broke, and shortly there after I got it all in on a 3 way pot with the mighty 43 offsuit. Incredibly I hit a straight on the river, and all of a sudden was back up to 20k.

From this point on I was able to chip up to 36k, with about 300 players left. Then this hand.

AA vs KK

Woulda had almost 80k had I won that hand. Oh well....After the cooler, I didn't even have enough to post the BB. I walked away in disgust. I went to kitchen, got some wine, and came back and to my surprise, I had survived the blinds! Pretty unreal. So I played some more, actually got my chips back up to about 20k, but then finally busted.

Bust hand


Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little score

This was a Knockout tournament I played in this morning. I think about 230 or so runners started, and as I've been saying, I finally got 'lucky' at key moments to help me come in 3rd. Although as you'll see, #45 had some fun to cripple me 3 handed.

I shoved in the SB, and got lucky for a change!!!

Got to win these at key moments.

Another push in the SB...he snapped called, and I got lucky.

DrWho limps, and pays for it.

#45 has his fun to cripple me!

Busted shortly after, but all in all, I felt I played well. Still in FTOPS #8, which I got in on another satellite. I'll post an update later or domani.


Friday, February 8, 2008

FTOPS Event #5 Limit Holdem (Semi live blogging)

Well, once again, I satellited in to this event for 38 clams on 1st try in one of those Super Turbo's.

My opening table features a pro, Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke. I've so far gotten the best of him. Here's a couple of hands we've played.

Hand #1

Hand #2

Clearly superior play on my part! Limit Holdem is the da bomb! I'm sitting at T5545 at the 1st break, good for 46 of 1168.

2nd Break - I'm at T3768 good for 468 of 777.

I had an up and down level. When we resume, blinds will be at 150/300. Here are some hands of interest in the second level:

Lousy river for me...note to self, TIGHTEN UP!

More river suckiness!

Should have let this one go, but the guy was new, and went with my gut! WRONG!

A little redemption.


Time to start bluffing! All in! oh wait, it's limit!

More bluffing! TIGHTEN UP FOOL!!!

3rd level play starts with bad play on my part!

Make a little comeback, then this hand.

Nice river GOGGOBOY! Out in 601st place.

Oh well, that was fun.....I might do this again, but for now, I'm out!


A "Royal" Flush of a hand

We got it all in on the flop....nh dude.

Table 1 - 120/240 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:59:26 ET - 2008/02/07
Seat 2: Mad-Dawggg25 (8 285)
Seat 3: matza1121 (1 960)
Seat 7: twoblackaces (3 255)
matza1121 posts the small blind of 120
twoblackaces posts the big blind of 240
The button is in seat #2

Dealt to twoblackaces [ ]
Mad-Dawggg25 raises to 720
matza1121 folds
twoblackaces calls 480

[ ]
twoblackaces checks
Mad-Dawggg25 bets 1,200
twoblackaces raises to 2,535, and is all in
Mad-Dawggg25 calls 1,335
twoblackaces shows [ ]
Mad-Dawggg25 shows [ ]

[ ] [ ]

[ ] [ ]
twoblackaces shows a full house Queens full of Kings
Mad-Dawggg25 shows a Royal Flush
Mad-Dawggg25 wins the pot (6 630) with a Royal Flush
twoblackaces stands up

Total pot 6 630 | Rake 0
[ ]
Seat 2: Mad-Dawggg25 (button) showed [ ] and won (6 630) with a Royal Flush
Seat 3: matza1121 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 7: twoblackaces (big blind) showed [ ] and lost with a full house Queens full of Kings