Friday, July 31, 2009

Phil Ivey

So I was listening to the ESPN Podcast of 7/30, and Phil Gordon brought up the fact that when there was 2400 players left in the Main Event, Ivey gave Phil 100-1 odds that he would win the Main Event. So Gordon is sweating it, and his wife is not too happy with him, however he mentioned that he wasn't nearly as worried as Andy Bloch.

Today, I see this at Wicked Chops:

I'm sure Mr Ivey has even more of these bets, and probably are alot more than just these 2 who are sweating bullets right about now!

Should provide a nice backdrop to all the festivities in November.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fulltilt crap of a software upgrade

Just a sanity check, but has anyone else been having issues with the Fulltilt Client ever since the 'major performance improvement' upgrade?

Here's my list:

1) Login button takes longer to enable....annoying, but it never did that before.
2) Graphics issues - IE- Missing freaking cards!!! I have to close the table, and open it back up to resolve.
3) Lots of connection issues! I check other sites to make sure it's not me, and all is well with my internet connection.
4) Last but not least...."FULL TILT HAS STOPPED WORKING" errors. WTF!!!!!

The last one cost me huge last night. We were down to 2 tables when the action was folded to the SB, who raised my BB. He had me cover, and I was contemplating what to do with A9. But before I had the chance, the stupid client crashed.


Emailing FT support is about as useful as tits on a bull as we all know.....

But seriously Fulltilt.....



Monday, July 20, 2009

Heads up Winner again!

Another Heads Up win! This one took 9 matches, and a few lucky breaks....but as we all know, you have to get lucky always at some point if your going to go all the way!

Case in point, check out this hand from the final match:

Wasn't looking to good on the flop, however, the suckout poker gods came through for me, and the match continued. I think this hand took a lot of steam out of my opponent, as he clearly saw victory get snatched with those running cards. Hey, I've been there MANY times!

Many thanks to Jeremy, Astin, & IIATG (if you have blog, leave link in comments), for the rail support and even the usual begging railbirds who stalked the final tables in hopes of a morsel coming their way!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Final table Friday

I suppose I had a good day today. I made 2 final tables, however, I didn't get it done. Here's the first, the 21K:

And as usually is the case, here is my bustout hand at the final table.....SICK SICK SICK!!!

Thats what you call a nice kick in the fact, it's still smarting!

Earlier in the day, I also final tables the 15K again. Earlier this week I took 2nd on Monday as blogged here. This time slipped down to 8th:

And a screenshot of my bustout hand at the final table:

I run goot?


Durr challenge #2

This guy has to fabricate action:


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Commerce 50K

As previously stated, my brother-in-law and I played the 50K guarantee, last Friday night at the Commerce. They got 304 runners, with registration open through the first 3 levels. The buy-in was $220, and for that you got 5K in starting chips, with opening blinds at 25/25, and 30 minute levels, and a buffet coupon. The buffet was setup outside the tournament area, on the 2nd floor, and made it convenient for the players. Nothing fancy, just sandwiches, pizza, chips and drinks.

My plan going in was as it is in any MTT I play, namely, play solid poker, pick good spots, and have a good time. My opening table was a pretty good one, and after playing the first few orbits, I quickly ID my mark. He sat in the 6 seat, an older fellow, who could have been Hugh Heffner's twin brother, only this guy was more burly, and had quite the stare. He was your basic calling station, so I felt I could really outplay this guy, and get some chips if the opportunity arose.

Well that happen at the 50/100 level. It had folded to me OTB, and I raise 3x holding QJoff. Hef decides to cold call and we see a flop of Q94. He checks I bet 600, he calls. Turn is another Queen, and now he leads into me for 2K. So I stop and think for a second or two, figure he's got the 9, so I go ahead and shove. So he gets out of his chair, and proceeds to give me 'the look'. I don't know about you guys, but when this happens, it just cracks me up beyond control. So there I am basically smiling/smirking back at him, and he's just giving me the stare, with smoke coming out his ears! Then I get the speech about how he has a big hand....blah...blah....blah....and he mucks. Shortly after it was the 1st break, and as I was relating the story to my BIL, he walks by and I could swear I could still see the smoke coming out his ears! LOL!!! So after that hand, I had my stack up to about 8K or so.

I basically went card dead after that, until near the end of Lvl 6, and just before the 2nd break. I'm guessing the blinds were about 300/600. I had blinded down to about 4k, when a guy in late position opens the pot for 3x. The SB calls and I have AQ. Big hand at that point, and given the late position raiser and the cold call, I had no choice but to raise all in. The original raiser folded, and the SB tanked and finally decided he was getting proper odds by declaration, and called with JT sooted. So I'm ahead, but not too crazy about it. Luckily, I faded his outs, and more than doubled up to about 10K or so.

Next orbit I'm in the BB again, this time with 88. UTG who had just got his KK cracked by Ace Rag, opens for 4x. Folds to me and I have 8's. I can see the guy is steaming, and felt his raise was not of a premium hand that he could call an all-in. So I shoved, and he snapped called with 7's...Hooray...double up again, now sitting at about 21K or so.

Then the very next hand, I finally get AA. So I raise 3x and it folds to the JT guy previouisly mentioned in the SB, and he makes the call. He has me covered, but not by much. Flop comes J high rainbow. He leads into me for about 2/3 pots, I shove and he tanks! After telling me again that he has a big hand...blah...blah...blah....he makes the call and tables KJ, and is utterly in disbelief with he see's my rockets. That look was classic. I faded his remaining outs, and all of a sudden I'm sitting on a 44k stack, going into the 2nd break.

Caught up with with my BIL, and he had about 12k, and I of course told him of my good fortunes to finish off that last level. Knowing he had to make a move pretty soon, he unfortunately busted when his AK couldn't outrun AQ, and he was out shortly after returning from the 2nd break.

I had one other hand of interest right around the bubble, which was a pretty ridiculous beat, which for once, I gave and it felt pretty awesome, although outwardly, I remained cool. I don't like to show anyone up, and felt pretty bad for the guy. Basically, he open shoves about 8k from early position with AA. Folds to me OTB with KK. I have him covered, and of course, I call. I see his AA, rap the table, say nice hand, and watch as the flop comes AQT, giving him a set of Aces. The table starts rooting for the Jack, given we were close to the bubble, which of course was not cool, but nothing I could do about that. Turn is a blank, and with the table in full chant, the dealer flips the J on the river, to send this guy home just short of the money. Unreal, live poker has to be rigged!

But the poker gods being what they are, I knew that it could happen to me, so I curb my elation by celebrating internally, but dang forgot them poker gods can read your soul as well!

So this takes us to the bubble. Man oh man was the bubble CRAZY. So basically what starts the comotion is that the TD declares that the bubble has cracked. So, at our table, the dealer deals the next hand, which didn't make sense to me, since if the bubble broke, we were down to 27 players, and thus should have been shrunk to 3 tables. Yet the 4 tables dealt the next hand, so thinking that we were in the money, one of two shorties at my table moves in for about 6K from middle position. Folds to shorty #2 in the SB who calls all in, and then the guy in the BB who had them both covered with about a 12K stack, calls both of them with QT. 1st shorty has KK, 2nd shorty has 99, and they run the board giving QT 2 pair on the river, and thus eliminating 2 players. Well once that happens, the TD yells out that he had made a mistake, and that the bubble had not busted the previous hand. So of course, now all hell breaks loose. The shorties said they wouldn't have been in the pot (yeah right Mr KK), but certainly the QT would not have called. Apparently some other tables had similar issues, and it took them a good 20 min, which included giving all the players a break to sort it out. In the end, the the shorties at my table were giving the 27th place money to split, and that was that. I went and got a drink, as I didn't want to really be in the middle of it, but certainly EVERYONE else had an opinion, and as ugly as it was getting, I just walked away. Pretty crazy.....

Ok, so fast forward, we are down to 18 players, and I open from early position with 8's. Folds to the guy in the SB who had just lost a fairly big pot, having been one of the chip leaders, and still had about 30k left. He decides to flat, and the flop comes 256. He insta shoves and I have him covered with about 50K, but certainly take time to think about his play.

Let me take a pause here to say that it's situations like this, is where there is a big difference between online vs live play. If this happens online, I think it's a tougher call, of course you would factor all the numbers, and the players stat, style of play, etc...but in the end, nothing beats looking right at your opponent, and making your read. I mean you really get alot of information from the player's actions/mannerism's/demeanor, etc. Now it's a whole other story about how well you can interpret these signs, but certainly, when someone is truly uneasy, it's very hard to hide. Of course there are reverse tells, hollywooding, etc, but what in my short live experience I have found, is that unless it'a pro, people really can't hide their feelings in big situations.

Ok, end of stating the obvious to many of you, but I finally called him, and he tables 77. I managed to not get sucked out on, and bust the guy and now have 80k or so, and probably top 3/4 stacks out of the remaining 17. The chip leader I should mention is sitting to my left. He's a very cool cat, dressed in a 3 piece suit, pink tie, D&K Sunglasses, and let's say he could have been Charles Barkley's twin. We had been sitting together for the last couple of hours, and frankly he stunk. However, you can stink and still get a big chip stack. He had been on my left, but when we redrew at 18, he got the seat to my left. Let me tell you how he ammased his about 200K stack.

When we were down to 20 players, button opens for 4x, so 3200. The SB has about 20K and flasts, and Barkley had about 100K and flats as well. The button has about 80K. Flops comes J86, two crubs. SB shoves, Barkley declares he's all in, and to everyone's surprise, the Button also calls all-in, creating a massive 2ook pot. So the SB had flopped a set of 8's, Barkley had flopped a set of Jacks, and the button had AK of crubs. AK's sweat ended on the turn as the 6 pair, and that was that. Thats when we redrew, and Barkley got the seat to my left.

So this takes me to my final 3 hands I'll discuss. We are now down to 13. I'm sitting on about a 80K stack. I open for about 8k with 77, and the BB flats me. He has me covered, with about 140K stack. Flop comes 7Q9. So theres about 20k in the pot, he checks it to me, and I bet about 13K. He thinks for a moment, then declares he's all in. I insta call him, and he makes the 'oh shit' look, and tables AQ. So now I'm sitting pretty, with 160K, and I'm sure 2nd to Barkley.

Now I did lose about 30K to the same guy a few hands later, when he had AK vs my AQ, but we both played it slow, and so I had about 130k going into my very disgusting bustout hand.

Last hand Barkley opens for 9k from UTG. Our table btw is 6 handed. Folds to me, and I'm staring at AK sooted in spades. So after mentally reminding myself about the 18K 1st place prize money, and the fact that I would be entering a hand with the chip leader, I promply re-raise to 21K. He insta flats. The flop comes:


I somehow get mentally transported to LaLa lands equivalent of Bum Fuck Egypt, blinded to all thought and reason, and somehow manage to get all in, only to be showned QQ. What can I say? That's about as bad as it gets. To play what I thought was solid 8 hrs of poker, and to see that run end that way, was by far the biggest disspointment I can think of ever having at a poker table. Had I taken a moment to think about it, I should have gotten away from the hand...yes, even though I flopped top two. I had played with the guy for probably now close to 3hrs+. I had seen him be a cautios calling station. He never RAISED once! Given I had the AK, the only hand he's happy to get all his chips in on that flop, would be with's the only hand that makes sense, yet I foolishly gave away my tournament.

So instead of fighting for the top $'s, I got $600 buckaroo's, which netted me about $400.

So there you have it. The last 2 trips to Commerce have resulted in deep runs for me, the last time actually making the final table, which I blogged about before. If you want to read about it, just type Commerce in the Search box above right, since I'm too lazy to link after writing this rather long post.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Standard 1 Outer

So much for being on fire!


Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back & on Fire!

Well, I had a really nice time with family and friends during our 10 day visit to L.A. In fact, when we left, I knew it was a slim chance that I'd be able to get out to Commerce or Bike clubs to play some of their daily tournaments. However, the planets aligned nicely (thanks in large to our fabuloso wives), and we were able to steal away a day, and play at the Commerce Casino on Friday night.

I will write up the details of the visit, but for now, suffice to say that it was a bitterly dissapointing finish. After 8 hrs or so of what I thought, was some of my best poker, I busted out in 12th (304 runners started), on a major league cooler. Had I won that that hand (heard this before???), I would have move into the chip lead, and again positioned to make a run at the 18K or so 1st prize. Instead, I had to settle for $600, which was only a $400 profit (I'm rounding numbers), given the buyin was $210. My BIL was elimated (short of the $$$) on a cruel bad beat of his own, when his AK couldn't outrun his opponent's AQ.

Details in another post, however those of you who follow me on twitter ( already know the disgusting details of the hand.

At any rate, it feels good to be back, and ready to hit the online tournies again, and I started off with a bang.......

First, I warmed up with this 90 player Sit-n-go:

Which got me in the groove for this 15K:

The 1st place guy was gifted a ton of chips by the fish who happen to make the final table. I was 6th heading into it, and I believe he was 8th. Not bad for my 1st 2 out of the gate.

I hope I can keep it going, and as stated, I will write up the trip report to Commerce in the next day or so.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poker Interruptus

I'm going to L.A for 9 days, so poker is on hold....unless I can find time to get out to Commerce. It's doubtful at this point, but I'll let you all know if I do.

So to close with a little poker, here's another beauty of a hand...and this time I'm on the good side:

Good luck to all playing the ME...and Happy 4th to all!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What else can I do but laugh???


9's 9's 9's....FTL!

Had some deep finishes yesterday, although none amounted to much. Had a thing for busting with 9's though.....

Here's the result in the 35K:

This was pretty standard:

In the 40K:

This one came down to this hand, like it usually does.....I hate the River! I was 100% sure that I was ahead of ciaodream's range, but knew I was likely flipping. He was playing opening and re-raising way too many hands, and when he was called, he wasn't strong at all...just lucky.

In the 34K:

This was basically the same story. Lilla here was 3 betting light frequently. I hope that the law of probabilities/odds/luck tip my way soon, as getting it in ahead, I sure should be winning some of these. And I do, but just not at the right time obviously.

And even though I knew that this player was 3 betting light, I underestimated my fold equity. This is something that I need to factor, and yet seem to overlook. Argh!