Monday, March 31, 2008

BBT3 - Game #18 recap

Well, I bubbled the points last night in The Big Game, but I really had no choice. I was in last place (17 of 17), and I had been looking to push forever, but I kept getting crap cards. I had managed one double up, with A9, but in the end, I pushed from the SB with AJ after the button open raised. He had K6, and of course nailed not just one K, but for good measure a second on the river.

A little unlucky I suppose, but this dude has had my number. So now, I'll need the come from behind score, so I will need a high finish tonight in the MATH if I am to take the monthly points title, and the WSOP prize.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

DQB & DQB Redux

This happen yesterday, within 20 hands or so, same tourney:



Friday, March 28, 2008

BBT3 - Game #17 Riverchasers & another score

In the latest installment of the BBT3 last night, I donked it up real good. I had a couple of player's I didn't know, and I tried the wrong moves, and basically spewed chips, and was just bad playing on my part. I finished out of the points somewhere down in 80ish spot. I was surprised to noticed this morning that Al updated the BBT3 leader board, and that I still have a very small lead heading into the last two events in the overall point standing.

So after the Riverchaser's got started so horribly, I remembering noticing the lobby clock was at 8:29, and I made a last second decision to play the 50/50. As it turned out, it was a pretty good decision.

I took a fairly bad beat when I busted out, but I really can't complain. Considering I was in dead last place when down to 27, and stayed in last as people busted out, I suppose you can say I ran good. If I can a chance, I may post some interesting hands, but I can tell you I was in shove mode from about 50 player's or so remaining.

Congrats to KatieMother who finished 30th last night in the 50/50. I hadn't noticed I had been moved to her table, until I raised her BB, and got scolded in the chat! :-) Just like a mom!

Thats all for now, see you all on Sunday for the next BBT3 'Big game'.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

BBT3 - Game #15 & 16 Skillz & Mookie

Tuesday's skill game was Razz. It's a very enjoyable form of poker, very entertaining, thoroughly engaging, and of course Phucking Phrustrating As HELL!!! Frankly, I aint got no phucking idea how to properly play this game. But what little I do know, is that it's fairly easy to 'know where you stand', and if your beat. However, many do not understand this, or better put, not believe in oneself's read. This is basically what cost me a better finished than I had on Tuesday, which although I picked up points, the outcome could have been much better.

This hand was my downfall, my opponent obviously understands the math better than I.

Now since I'm a dodo when it comes to Razz's math, here's the #'s from a computer simulation:

4th Street
Razz Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
dead cards: 762q7q
Hand Pot equityWinsTies
8245 62.17% 372,215 1,638
**69 12.73% 76,265 268
**4a 25.09% 149,748 1,638

5th Street
Razz Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
dead cards: 762q7q
Hand Pot equityWinsTies
8245q 42.61% 254,357 2,605
**697 24.58% 147,441 98
**4a8 32.81% 195,519 2,663

6th Street
Razz Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
dead cards: 762q7q
Hand Pot equityWinsTies
8245q6 74.73% 448,248 225
**6973 15.20% 91,093 158
**4a89 10.08% 60,419 97

I missed raising here, not that my opponent would have folded...oh well, nice river.

I busted out of the Mookie in 40ish or so place. I had to sit out a few times, once for 15 min, and just couldn't get focused at all. Given the stuff going on at home last night, I normally wouldn't have played, but given my standing for the monthly BBT3 prize, I played anyway. I saw that TJ final tabled again so I'm fairly certain I've been bumped from the top spot. Hopefully, I can regain the lead in these final events, should be an interesting ending to say the least.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BBT3 - Game #14 MATH recap

Quick update, I was able to manage a top 20 finish last night, so the good news is I picked up some BBT3 points. The not so good news, is that these 3 blonkey's are hot on my tail.

Congrats to Corron for winning his 2nd TOC last night (and knocking me out with his J6 sooted vs my 99's).

Tonight is the Skillz, where Razz will be the feature game. I hope to be there, and so should you.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

12K Rebuy - Nice little Score

The cool thing too is I was only in for $20 bucks, and didn't even take the add-on. I was playing some other tourney's as well, so I don't even recall I got the 9k or so I had after the rebuy hr ended. As you can see in the graphic, Annette_15 played, and came in tenth. She took a sick beat to finish on the FT bubble, when she got it all with AK vs A7, and the lucky dude spiked a 7 on the river.

I took some hands snaps using the replayer at the final table. Here's the first key one, where I was able to double in a SB vs BB hand.

4 handed, I was short and shoved A9, and #45 delivered for a change:

3 handed and short again, I got dealt TwoBlackAces (grin) in the BB.

Still treading water, I had to put it in with KJ and survived:

And finally heads up, the bustout hand:

I also want to share this hand, it's one that comes up every once in a while, and in this case, it worked out well for Orangeboy.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

BBT3 update - 1 more seat added

So as it turns out, we haven't' missed the boat. I've placed my badge to the right, and you should too. For details, just click on the banner badge.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun with $55 SNG's

As you can see by the stack sizes, this is the 1st hand of this turbo $55 9 player tournament:

You think that guy should be able to do some good with all those chips, eh? Well of course, he didn't even cash. I managed a second place finish, mainly thanks to this gem of a hand:

Here's a $55 heads up match, which saw me getting major leagued coolered, and left me very crippled.

However, he was not able to prevail, as I was able to make a comeback, and finished it off with this hand:

Fun times!


BBT3 - Game #13 RiverChasers

Congrats go to Mr ScottyMC for taking down last nights tournament, and the 12th seat into the TOC.

EDIT: Holy #$%^*#....Alan post about how this went down at last night's final table. WTF????? I am at a lost for words. Private Ryan reference is right on!

I didn't play last night as I had noted in the previous post, and frankly, with Mrs 2BA only a few weeks away from delivering mini 2ba, I don't know how many more of the tournaments I'll be able to play this month. That and I have family coming into town, so we'll see how it goes. Currently, I am fortunate to hold the top spot in the monthly points race, but there is a handful of very capable folks which can over take me easily.

In other news, I am bummed that I completely missed the boat on this offer:

I don't recall seeing that early on, and of course now is too late. Bummer....hopefully the rest of you did see this, I know I've seen the badge on many of the blogs I peruse.

I may make another appeareance in the donkament tonight, if I do, look for me to have some fun again!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

BBT3 - Game #12 The Mookie

I busted somewhere in the middle of the pack last night, when I moved in for my last 1k OTB to steal the blinds, but the SB woke up with 77, and I lost the flip holding QJ.

I had it up to 3k at one point, then got into a hand with Kaja where I lost half my stack, having to fold to a reraise after I had made a potsize c-bet on the flop. I don't have the details at hand right now, I may post it later today as an update, but I do recall using my timebank, and although I felt it was close, it would have been for all my chips, and with 1800 or so still left in my stack, I thought fold was the right call.

Congratulations to pureprophet who hung in there after getting short at one point, and coming back for the victory.

Tonight is the next game courtesy of the Riverchaser's, although there is a very good chance I won't be able to make it.

Riverchasers Online Tour
No-Limit Hold ‘em, Double Stack
Every Thursday at 21:00 ET
Password: riverchasers


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BBT3 - Game #11 Skillz

So last night's BBT3 skillz game's were Limit Holdem, Omadraw H/L, Stud Hi & Stud H/L AKA HOSE. I managed to make it to the final table, were I went up against the very hot 'Lucko' and the card rack known as 'Chippy McStacks'.

On my road to the final 3, I played some fun hands. Here's one against Dr J & Drizz

I happen to be a the good side of that hand, but of course, it would turn later. When we got down to 2 tables, I completely misplayed this hand. Dumb dumb dumb.

Here's lucko doing what he does best at the the final table:

I folded preflop, as Lucko put in the 3rd raise, good thing I did too!

Finally 3 handed, I was on the wrong side of this cooler.

I had a 4 in the door, paired on 4th, and got the money capped on 4th and 5th with Chippy. By then I realize he had rolled up aces, and for whatever reason, he checked behind on both 6th and 7th. Didn't matter much, since it crippled me, and gave him the monster lead.

I went out shortly thereafter, and Lucko ony lasted a few more hands. Chippy ran good, and has been hot of late. Congrats to him, and earning the TOC seat.

Mookie tonight, see you all there!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BBT3 - Game #10 and weekend wrapup

Last night the BBT3 resumed with game #10 at Monday's at the Hoy. There were 79 runner's to start, in the usual 6 handed NL Holdem format. I played pretty steady poker last night, and managed to crack the top 20, finishing in the 17th spot. I would have gone deeper, but Chippy McStacks had other idea's.

Skillz game tonight
, and game #11 of the series, where Limit HOSE will be the games.

The weekend started off with me deciding to blow some steam off in the Friday night Blonkament. Exactly 44 rebuys for me, and the add-on of course. I don't believe that breaks the record, but I sure tried. And #45 cooperated fully, as I lost most of hands, which is key when your trying to break this record. Unfortunately, I did win a few hands, and hence couldn't get the number up higher.

I don't recall the final numbers, but there were only 13 player's, and to give you an idea of my contribution's, I think 1st go around $92 smakaroo's. I didn't hang around till the end but last night Buddy told me he finished 2nd, and of course to express his gratitude for my contributions. I also lost a last longer to him, since we both rebought and did the add on after the final hand of the rebuy madness. He actually got it all in against AQ, with him holding QQ, and miraculously it held, and doubled up. So that pretty much put me behind the eight ball, and busted when I couldn't run Big Slick past my opponent's 99's. It was still a good time, I may play a few more of these, and see if I can finally break that record.

The remainder of the weekend was pretty much playing satellite's. I wound up wining a couple of seats into the Sunday Million and the Sunday Brawl. However, I had some family commitment's on Sunday, so I was very happy to take the T$'s. I'm pretty jazzed about this feature obviously, and hope to continue to take full advantage of it.

Finally, I'll leave you with a few nugget's from some tournaments I played last night. Also, I found this little replayer that someone noted as a comment on my blog.

In the latter hand, he makes a nice check on the river. When he reraises me, I figure to be toast on the river against most players. Given the size of the pot, and the fact it was a small buyin tournament (read 'excuses'), I made the very crying call. Nice setup, nice hand.

See you all tonight!


Friday, March 14, 2008

BBT3 - Game #9 Riverchasers & cash game hand

Thanks to TuscaloosaJohn, I wasn't the Gigli last night! I only played 2 hands in about 10 min, an both had bad results. The first had me bluffing poorly on the river, on a 4 flush board, where my opponent held the 3rd nut flush, and the second had me pushing all in of my remaining 1500 chips or so from the BB with a suited AK, after my opponent had made a raise from the CO, which he snapped called and flipped JJ.

Oh well, all in all I'm still in good shape going into the last two weeks of the 1st month of the BBT3.

I've been playing some cash games lately, as I've been working off the $300 clams Fulltilt generously gave out as a token for their system issues last month. As I've stated, I am primarily a tournament player. The main reason is that I've always been leary of collusion, and I've felt that in cash games this is easily exploitable. However, when I do play I linger down in small stakes, having only ventured above $1/$2 a few times. Last night I had a nice little session, 3 tabling after my bustouts from the tournament.

It would have been an even better session, had it not been for this hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #5625644596: Table Cork Oak - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:22:07 ET - 2008/03/13
Seat 1: bmcglinn ($194)
Seat 2: TwistedDonkey ($303.55)
Seat 3: 32jr151 ($56.05)
Seat 4: Sudbury Slim ($95)
Seat 5: twoblackaces ($167.55)
Seat 6: rst1 ($203)
Seat 7: BareAce11 ($242.65)
Seat 8: machine456 ($59.10)
Seat 9: Little19 ($96.55)
twoblackaces posts the small blind of $1
rst1 posts the big blind of $2
The button is in seat #4

Dealt to twoblackaces [ ]
BareAce11 folds
machine456 folds
Little19 folds
bmcglinn raises to $7
TwistedDonkey folds
32jr151 has 15 seconds left to act
32jr151 folds
Sudbury Slim folds
twoblackaces calls $6 ----------> I'm in th SB, so I decide to flat call, possibly the mistake of the hand?
rst1 folds

Flop :
[ -------> Nice, flop a set ]
twoblackaces checks
bmcglinn bets $10
twoblackaces raises to $20 ---------> My intent with min raise was to see if I could coax a shove.
bmcglinn calls $10

[ ] [ ]
twoblackaces bets $26 ----------------> I lead here, I'm thinking the K hits his range nicely. (LoL!)
32jr151 has been disconnected
bmcglinn has 15 seconds left to act
bmcglinn raises to $75 ----------------> Excellent, I am correct!
twoblackaces raises to $140.55 and is all in
bmcglinn calls $65.55
twoblackaces shows [ ]
bmcglinn shows [ -----------------YIKES!!!!! It hit him alright!!!! ]

River :
[ ] [ ]
twoblackaces shows three of a kind Queens
bmcglinn shows three of a kind Kings
bmcglinn wins the pot ($334 .10) with three of a kind Kings

I think if I had reraised preflop, and he re-raises or moves in, I can get away from the hand. That was probably my mistake here. Also, unless you have a lot of experience multi tabling cash games, it's easy to not think situations properly through. However, it's a never ending learning experience, so I agree with most that reviewing the hands after the fact, is very helpful, both for tournament and cash games.

Good luck to all those playing this weekend, and let's hope for more good results!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BBT3 - Game #8 The Mookie

Well my reign as the Mookie champ ended tonight. Couldn't run AK past Mr Lucko, and I was out in 22nd out of 102.

Ak vs KJ

Mookie put up my profile on his blog, go check it out.

I also played in my first satellite for the 1 Million on Sunday. Off to a good start, I'm sure I'll play in many more.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BBT3 - Game #6 MATH

Another good turn out last night for Mondays at the Hoy blogger tournament. I don't recall the exact number, but I do remember I managed to bubble the final table, when I pushed A2 on the button, and got called by the SB with A3. Preflop odds have these hands tying 50% of the time, with each winning %25 (approx) heads up.

A3 Vs A2

In other news, I made another Royal! I'm surely defying the odds now!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Roundup

I suppose this past weekend can be categorized as Ho-Hum overall. However, I have been having a really good time playing Satellite's, since those wins can now be converted to Tourney $'s on Fulltilt. Yesterday I nabbed a couple of Sunday Brawl seats, and was happy to convert those, although I normally would have liked to play it, so we'll see how this keeps panning out. Especially if I win a WSOP seat. Anyone have thoughts on what they'd do? I guess one way to mitigate that, would be to win multiple seats!

The highlight of the weekend was getting another Royal. I had one earlier in the year too, although not flopped. I'm sure I haven't played enough hands in between these either, so I'm doing better than the odd's would dictate:

I also played some cash games, and had a few hands that just make you chuckle. This one in particular....Nothing like flopping the joint, and getting Royally sucked out on...I mean was the case Ten really necessary???

I also played the 750K. This is one of my favorite tournaments, and if I have any goal at all, it would be to win this one someday. Yesterday's tournament saw 3974 runner's start, and somebody was to walk away with th 140K top prize. However, I noticed this morning that it didn't complete? I assume FT crashed or something, which wouldn't be surprising. I however busted out in 118th place, good for 8 bills, but frankly, it was bizarre I even got that far. On the bubble I was down to not even having enough chips left for the Big blind, which I would have been forced to post. However, some dude (completely unsolicited I assure you) started to rally the table to 'stall' on my behalf. Why? I have no clue, but sure enough they all went into the timebank, enough to get to hand for hand. Since we were still in the current hand when that was reached, the bubble busted. Then I proceeded to see the most amazing streak of luck occur, as I lived through both the BB and the SB. Then on the button I had about 4k or so, and I it folded to me, and of course I pushed and both the blinds FOLDED! any rate, the bubble busted at 522, and I ended in 118th....go figure!


Tonight it's Monday's at the Hoy, and the 6th BBT3 TOC seat is up for grabs. Al is keeping a running tab on the results here, so check it out.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

BBT3 - Game 4 The Mookie

Well I really didn't think it would happen this quick, but I won the Mookie this morning!

117 runner's started, a little less than I thought given the big early turnout's, and the fact this was a smaller buy in. I don't even really know what to say, I think for the most part, I played a fairly solid game tonight, and I suppose the biggest thing was that I didn't get unlucky at any point where it would have crippled me, nor was I ever all-in until we got to the final table.

So here's are the key hands of the tournament:

I didn't really have much going on, and had chipped up to about 3200, when this hand came up against Hoy, in a Blind vs Blind scenario.

That got me up to 5800, and nothing happened for a while. I did get some chips when I called a short stack from the BB, which got me up to 6700.

I then had 2 or 3 hands were I restole some late position raisers from the button, and that got me up to 8200. Then I had this hand against CK, which bumped me up to over 10k. CK was playing although recovering from eye surgery that day. She had indicated in the chat, we should all beware, as she might push 44's thinking they were aces. Given that, I felt compelled to call with Presto. Get well CK!

Next significant hand was against Chad, were I basically called his short stack push with AJ.

Next big hand was against George. I called his small preflop raise out of the BB, and then got lucky and flopped trips. This hand put me over 20k.

I made a reraise on the flop here against ChapelnChil, and he folded, which bumped me up to 25k.

Here Chitwood got a bit unlucky on this cooler hand, which bumped to 30k.

This hand against RaisingCayne got me up to 35k.

I made it to the final table with 29k, and was in 3rd position.

First huge hand was against Al 'the man' himself.

Sorry Al, I felt a bit wierd, since I know everyone was pulling for ya.

3 handed I busted Mean_Gean on this hand

Heads up against Zutted, we played this hand, where I took a tough beat.

With a 2 to 1 chip lead, I took some time on the flop and decided I was ahead and made the call. I'm going to have to think about my play on this hand, not sure it was the right decision.

I chipped back up to almost even, then played this big hand, which gave me the monster lead.

And the final hand.

So there you have it, my first Mookie win to go along with my MATH win earlier this year.

Also of significant importance, is that I dealt with 'the curse' early on in the tournament. How?

See for yourself! ;-)

Also, congratulatons Mookie, to you and the Mrs. and the entire clan on the latest arrival!

Thanks for everyone who hung around till the end, I appreciated all the kind words.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BBT3 - Game 3 Skills Stud Hi

I made the final table last night, and finished in 6th place. Interestingly I've made the FT twice now in Stud Hi, although I consider Stud Hi to be my weakest game.....along with Stud H/L, Omaha, Omaha H/L and Razz. ;-)

I was at Fischman's table for a bit, and had this hand against him:

I made a mistake by checking 6th, else I could have busted him to earn another one of those 'coveted' donkey FT shirts.

Congrats to Corron for taking it down, see you all at the Mookie tonight for what I assume will be another record turnout.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BBT3 - Game 2 MATH

Another big turnout last night for the second game in the BBT3. 103 donkey's including yours truly started the MATH, hosted by 'the hammer player'. In fact, I had Hoy himself at my starting table.

And no sooner than the first couple of orbits, I go up against our esteemed host, only to see all but a few hundred of my chips get shipped over to him. NH sir.

If I put him on the made flush on the flop, then I'm a dog on the redraw (I didn't think he had the K). My thought process was split down the middle however, half saying Hoy wouldn't push that early unless he had the made flush, and the other half saying he knows I know that, so he could make the move with less figuring I'd fold.

At any rate, I couldn't find the fold button, and figured it was gonna be a short evening for me. Well I was wrong. I played the short stack about as good as I can ever remember, and somehow managed to last all the way until I busted in 11th place. I suppose all in all, I should be happy with getting as far as I did, considering the lousy start.

However, I surely hated to go out like this.

Oh well, at least I'm on the board. Congrats to Columbo for taking it down, and winning the second TOC seat.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend wrapup

Friday night I made a deep run in the 50/50.

As usually is the case, I couldn't win a key hand, which would have propelled me into the top 10.

This guy had limped, and we got the money in on the flop. Too bad FT doesn't let you fold when it's unraised and your in the BB.......not that I would of course! ;-)

Saturday I noticed that FTP had given me a $300 bonus to clear....don't know why, but I'll take it:

So it was off to the cash tables to start putting a dent into this bad boy. All in all, it was a very good session. I was 4 tabling, and ended up about 6 buyin's. I did have an interesting hand early, with a guy who was on all my tables as well.

It was early on in the match, and he had open raised in late position a the first two orbits, and I decided to flat call his preflop raise in position. The flop was ten high, and he fired out about a 2/3 c-bet. Now under normal circumstances, I probably fold. But my read was that this guy opening light in late position, and although I had not seen any showdown's as of yet, I gambled with what I thought were 10 clean outs and pushed on the guy. He of course instacalls me, and I see the bad news. Now bear in mind, this is a .50/$1 table, so we both had about $100. At any rate, I sucked out, and then had some playful banter, which I later on regreted, and even apologized to the guy. I rarely chat back at people, esp on the few occasions where I put the bad beat. However, he caught me at a momment where I was in a 'play full' mood, and was being more sarcastic than anything, but he didn't take it too well.

Sunday afternoon saw me playing some satty's into the 750k, which I was able to do for a $50 dollar savings on the full buyin. Oh well, every little bit helps, although I have in the past over done it a bit with the satty's. As for the tourney itself, it could be summed up in two words. Rag city!. I busted somewhere in the 3rd hour, having to survive the hard way. It's incredible that in the course of 3+ hours of play, not to get dealt any premium hands. Not one! My best hands, were early in the tournament, and those were mid pairs, with TT being the best of it. It's pretty frustrating when you see what everyone else is getting, and not seeing #45 spread the wealth.

At the same time the 750k started, a 13k started as well. In this one I had nice deep run busting out with about 50 left when my Anna Kournikova couldn't beat an aging Jimmy Connor's (AK vs 77).

Finally, the opening game in the BBT3 fired up last night in The Big Game, hosted by MiamiDon.
A whopping 105 runners showed up, making a nice payday for the top 3. I flamed out in about 50th spot, however I took some outstanding notes on the one and only Scott Fischman, where on his site, he poses the question 'Are you a shark, or a fish?'

Basically to sum it all up, the secret to winning is play 'any two cards'. I assure you that this is the secret! I was at Scott's table for the better part of an hour, and so him do just that. Now of course he had a nice stack, but to say he was wreck less would be an understatement! I know that early on he was all in with A2 against his opponent's AK, and spiked a duck on the river. I remember he put's in the chat the old 'gg - gl - nh', all before the suckout hits. At any rate, I'm sure the theme across all the blogs today will be full of the sick beats this guy put on people, and I'm sure there were plenty at the Final Table, since I didn't stay up. At least I see Hoy placed 3rd, so I'm sure he'll have something to say about Mr Fischman's lucksackery. At any rate, congrats to him on winning, and earning the 1st of 55 TOC seats.