Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If you can help...

I'm a little behind on blog reading, but I did see this sad post by fellow blogger Vinnay:

A friend of mine, Jeff, has had an unfortunate Christmas. His home was destroyed by a fire on Christmas morning and declared a total loss. Fortunately, he was not home at the time and no one was hurt, but he did lose his cat Maurice, along with all of his possessions. The fire was started in his tenants apartment, and quickly spread throughout the house. To make matters worse, he was just laid off from his long time manufacturing job.

We have set up a site to help raise some money for him to help get him back on his feet. If you can give that would be great, but please do me a favor and link up the site for me.


Commerce trip report

So I 'snuck' off last Friday with by Brother in law, to good ole Commerce Casino, the biggest poker room on the planet.

They have daily tournaments which you can check out on their website, and Friday was the $120 - 1 Rebuy event. They got 133 runners, and after the buyin period was over, the top prize came out to be a little under 8k.

The Commerce structure sucks royally, but I got a new spinner from my baby girl for Xmas, with her lovely Xmas picture on it, so of course, had to put in play right away. You get 2k chips for your buy-in, and I think it was 2500 if you took the optional rebuy, which you could take at any time, regardless of your chip count.

My opening table was table 1, which meant I was seated at what would be the final table, and hence knew I wouldn't be moving around. Thats a pretty big plus for obvious reasons. I did get put on immediate tilt by the guy in the 3 seat ( I was in the 4 seat). Just as the tournament was getting under way, this clown whips out some dental floss, and proceeds to floss his crooked yellow teeth right there at the table. My very obvious stare at him, which was screaming "WTF", didn't phase him in the least, as for the first 3 hands, he was flossing away. Maybe it was a pre-game superstitous ritual, but about as gross as can be. I was very careful to go wash up after every break, and got some anti- infectant wipes....and tried to move on with the game. (As you'll see later, that didn't help!)

I didn't get involve in hand for an orbit or two, as I was trying to get a read on the players. It became very evident early on, that this was a great table. It was 'limp' city all the time. Except when I came into the pot. My first pot I had AJ on the button. The entire table limp to me, and I raised to 450 or so, and got 3 callers. Nice. Flop comes rags, they all checked to me, and having the rebuy still available, I decided to put it in. They all folded, and I picked up a nice pot.

A couple of hands later I get AK on the button again. This time, there were 4 limpers, and I raised again 4x or 5x, and the BB shoved it in. They all folded back to me, and pretty much insta-called this guy, who I had already marked as a bad player. He shows the mighyt A2 sooted, and I had to sweat the hearts as the flop gave him 2 hearts. I held, and was up at about 5k, without having still used the rebuy.

Little did I know at the time, but these would be my only two playable hands, all the way to the bubble. It was unreal. I must have seen 82 about ten times! So of course, I had to do make moves, mainly in late position, and after the rebuy, I did take the optional rebuy. That put me at around 7k, going into normal play.

The levels were 20 minutes in length, and the ante's kicked in at the 100/200 level. I did get a few gifts from 'Mr Floss', as he had acquire a fairly significant amount of chips, in fact, may have even been the chip leader. He was gifted the chips during the rebuy period, when he CALLED 3 all-in's with a gutterball, and hit it on the river, having to fade one of the other all-in's flush outs at the same time.

At any rate, this guy on 3 occasions completed in the SB, and gave me a free look at the flop. Each time I took it down post-flop, with bets on the turn or river. One of those times, he limped in with AK, and called me down all the way, as I had 76s, and hit two pair on the flop. So that put me at a high watermark, of about 11k, and basically folded for next couple of levels.

One hand of note came up when we got down to 3 tables. Top 18 made the money. The blinds at this point were probably around 400/800 + ante, so each pot was worth fighting for. The table folded to me in the SB, and I had 43 sooted in clubs. The guy in the BB had me covered, and was one of the 2 tight players at the table. I had already raised him a couple of times, and had stolen his blinds successfully. I can't tell you why, because I usually will raise in this situation, but I mucked the hands and gave him a walk. Now he's the type of player that never looks at his cards, until the action gets to him....so he just flipped them over this time, and 'twoblackaces' were revealed.

When we got down to about 3 or 4 players from the bubble, I was down to about 4 bb's, so I had to make a move. I decided next time it folded to me, I would open any two cards. Those turned out to be Q4 sooted in clubs out of the hijack. I was called by the BB who tabled AQ, and I was fortunate in that the board brought JT98, and we chopped. Very next hand, I was dealt QT, and it folded to me, so I moved in. Got called by the SB who had KK, and I figured I was toast....however, the suckout gods put 3 clubs on the flop, and one on the river giving me the flush suckout. This double up gave me the breathing room, right up until we got to the bubble.

The aforemention Mr A2 sooted opens UTG for a shove, about 20k. He barely had me covered, I was in the BB. I had been dealt 2 quacking ducks. I looked over at the other tables, to see if anyone had busted, and they were waiting on us. I folded, and was not happy about it. 2 hands later, I get Crabs on the button. It folds to me...I once again look over to the other tables, as there was some action going on, and I hear the floormen say that the bubble broke. With that, I happily moved in with my crabs for about 12 or 13K. This is where I made what potentially would have been a disaster. I suppose due to the commotion on the other table, and the floor person indicating loudly that we were going to redraw for the final two tables, I lost focus and when I saw the SB fold, I thought the hand was done. So I placed my cards towards the side around the chips. Problem was, the BB had not acted. Thinking I had mucked, he then mucked his cards, and thought he should get the pot. However, I had side mucked my cards, so they were actually still behind the betting line, over at the 2 spot, and had never actually hit the muck. Now the dealer had not shoved the BB's cards into the deck yet, so the ruling was made that the BB got his cards back, I got my cards back, and he would decide on whether to call my all-in....which he did. He showed J8, and I hit a set on the flop. That put me at my tourny high of about 20k or so. I certainly got lucky, as I my hand could have been ruled dead.

That was about it for me, as I didn't get any more cards, managed to stay afloat with some late position steals, and actually made the final table (10 handed). I wasn't the shorty, although I only had about 10k, and the blinds were 3k/1.5K + ante. The redraw was very unfavorable for me, as it put me UTG+2. So on the second hand of the FT, I moved in with what would be the 3rd PP I was dealt, a pair of 9's. The BB happily called, which I'm sure he would have with a wide range, but unfortunate for me, he had 'tworedaces'.

So there you have it, I busted in 10th, got $376 for my troubles, and went off to have dinner with my BIL, who had busted shortly after the rebuy period.

I was tinkering with going back today, but I've caught a freaking cold, so I'm going to take it easy. We've been spending lots of time with the family, and all in all have had a wonderful time here in LaLa land for the holidays.

I'll be back on the virtual felt, probably Thursday evening, since we get back in the late afternoon.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, and wishing you all good fortunes on the virtual felt!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter hiatus

So I'm packing up the family and heading out to Southern Cal for the holidays today.  I am not planning on playing any online poker, until we get back on the 1st.  I may however, if I can talk my BIL (Brother-in-law) into it, take a trip down to the good ole Commerce casino, or maybe the Bike club.  If I do, I'll do a write up as I have in the past.  

I played the big Sunday million yesterday, I was lucky to satellite on better than 5o cents on the dollar.  I unfortunately could never get anything going, and busted somewhere in the middle of the pack.  

I also played the Double Deuce, which gets like a billion runners!  

Key hand at the end was my going over the top of a late position 'pescadito' for about 200k...he had 180K or so with QQ...however he turned over the mighty Ace-Rag, and flopped an ace.  That left me short, and I was out shortly after.  

All in all, December was a great month, and I hope to keep the MOmentum going into 2009.  

Happy holidays to all, and best of luck on the virtual felt in 2009!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Final Tabled the Fiddy

Turbo's rule!  Thsi is a crazy tourney, with the blinds going up every 5min, forces a ton of action.  All kinds of crazy hands get played, and the suckouts are huge!  

Case in point, the guy who won the tournament yanked a 1 outer on the bubble just to stay alive, and then on the final table bubble, he was down to about 12k, called time, waited and watch another guy bust out on my table, before he folded to a re-raise (he had opened), I suppose just to say he got to the final table.  Then on the 1st hand, I had AK Sooted UTG, shoved my 40k stack, got call my this same guy with some small pair, which held up, and obv rode that to victory.  I was in the BB the very next hand, and with the blinds at some huge level along with the ante's, over half my stack was in the pot preflop, so I was forced to go with my hand, hoping I had a couple of live cards, but unfortunately he had aces, and I was out first.  

Part of the reason I played the Fiddy, was because I was super-pissed at myself, having just blown a 200+k stack in the 32K.  I didn't screen shoot it, but I came in about 16th or 17th in the 32K, but the way that i busted out was just 'disgusting'.  Here's the hand, which without context, appears to be played about as bad as it can be played:

I decided to call preflop with the sooted connectors, and evaluate on the flop, given this guy was opening from UTG+1, and his play had been fairly standard.  After the flop came out, my piece of crap Vista laptop decided to kick in to the auto-backup mode.  So it starts to go into intense hard drive reading mode, or whatever it does, and my controls froze.  So I time out and my hand checked.  I wanted to go ahead and shove that flop obv, but instead, had to decide whether or not call or fold his shove!.  In the meantime, I was turbo clicking the 'Im Back", and got a click in, so I wasn't folded.  Now I wish it would have, since in some retarded manner, in the 'confusion' of what was going on with the laptop, I managed to click the call button.  Argh!  

I swear the next laptop I'm buying will be a Mac. Windows is crap...always has been, always will be.  


Saturday, December 20, 2008

"I had the Nut Flush Draw!"

Let's just file this under another 'public service' announcement:

And yes, after giving him the 'business' in chat, he responds " I had the nut flush draw". Normally, I'd take that as just getting the 'business' back.....but not in this case.....so if you see him, give the pescadito some 'business' of your own.  


Thursday, December 18, 2008

18k deep finish

I'll take it while it last!  I was pretty much just hanging around this tournament, and somehow made it all the way to 4th.   In fact, I was the shorty when we hit the Final Table, but was able to double up a few times, which helped me move up.  

The last couple of weeks have sure been solid for me.....I hope it last a while longer!  


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 Yr Anniversary and 21K Recap

Today marks the first anniversary for TwoBlackAces Casual Poker Player.  Time flies when your having fun, and poker is definitely a fun hobby to have.  My blog to me is a chronological journal, which documents some key accomplishments, and of course the frustrations that come along with this great game.  I thank all of you that stop by, and your comments are always welcome and appreciated it.  

Now for the 21k recap.  The tournament is one of my fav's to play, and I'll usually buy-in before I leave for work, along with the 32K, which is the other tournament I try and play regularly.  

My first key hand, was one where I got lucky on the river.  I pretty much knew I was screwed when I raised the turn with trip Q's, and the 1st guy flat called.  However, I filled up on the river, and my opponent used his entire timebank and finally made a loud crying call:

This hand got me over 30k mark.....

This hand put me shy of 60K...amazingly, the 3 outer didn't hit....a sign that good things might happen for me:

I had dwindel down to 46K, and shoved preflop with Jacks, and doubled up:

If there is one flip that I always seem to lose in key situations late in tournaments, always involves Big Slick.  Don't matter which side I'm on either...Big Slick would be a huge player, all the way to the end....So here was the first encounter..... not that I wasn't playing the 8's, just holding my breath:

And a few hands later, again Big Slick was my opponent...I saw the A before I saw the J too....and still had to sweat the river:

To Hontis credit, he came back, and as you'll see, would be my final opponent.  My confrontations with Big Slick continued, and on this hand BS finally got me:

Here was the chip counts to start the final table:

Seat 1: hooshie (1,278,952)
Seat 2: twoblackaces (276,599)
Seat 3: lopt (185,605)
Seat 4: blanks plz (242,309)
Seat 5: LadyChablis (277,957)
Seat 6: KA1SERfknS0ZE (197,250)
Seat 7: ikszoorn (281,910)
Seat 8: fuddebuf (133,100)
Seat 9: Hontis (228,318)

Hooshie was on a heater, and busted half the table.  I took this shot when we were 4 handed, he had a monster lead:

When it got 3 handed, I was the shorty:

Seat 1: hooshie (2,065,218)
Seat 2: twoblackaces (358,917)
Seat 9: Hontis (677,865)

This is when 'luckbox' mode kicked in.  Hey, it's a numbers game at the end of the day.  At some point, you got to be on the good side of the suckouts:

I finally bust the once monster chip leader on this hand:

At one point during Heads Up, he had me down:

Seat 2: twoblackaces (805,234)
Seat 9: Hontis (2,296,766)

He had me at a 2:1 deficit, until this hand gave it to me for good:

And then I just leaned on him, until the final hand:

Nice way to celebrate my 1 yr blog anniversary! 


Monday, December 15, 2008


You have to go have a thick skin to take the tons of  bad beats, especially late in tournaments, that we all do playing tourneys.  But it's finally great to close one out.  I'll do a write up tomorrow of some of the key hands, but must say this does feel great!  

Thanks again to all the blogger brethren who stopped by to rail.....especially to LJ, who I asked to come give me some of her good vibes, which she did, and the rest was a piece of cake!  

I was also playing in Rambler's series, and somehow manage to luckbox to a 2nd place finish.

All in all, a great night!  


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Tournaments

Played a whole bunch of tournys today, and all in all, it was a profitable day. Started with a nice deep run in the 14.5K knockout. I had about 4 scalps to go along with cashing:

I busted out short of the cash in the 750K, as I tilted away a 9k stack, when I re-raised out of the BB with AK, only to be called by jerk in the HJ with A-rag....rag hit, and next hand I had some 2 broadway cards which I shoved and ran into aces.

I also ran good in the 9K rebuy, where I made the final table.

I unfortunately tried to steal the blinds with J2, and ran into Kings. Still not a bad profit on about a 30 dollar investment. LJ also had a deep run in this tourny, although I don't recall how she busted.

One of the funny things about this tournament, is how some guy chased me around from table to table, offering a bounty to anyone who would felt me. I busted his Aces with KQ, and he was pretty ticked off. Here's the 'donkish' hand:

To be perfectly honest, not that this guy would ever buy any excuse, I was multi-tabling 5 or 6 tables, and all I recall was seeing that Ragthyme had raised for the upteenth time, and didn't even see that this guy had re-raised. Happens to all of us, and it happen to work out. But certainly, it was the first time I've tilted some guy, that I know of, for the entire evening!

Rambler stop by towards the end of the tourney, and offered his well wishes, which is always appreciated. Tomorrow evening his tournament series continues, see the link on the side bar for the details.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Took 2nd

I played against this Donk for the title:

We played about 40-50 hands, and were about dead even....when I lost my internet connection.  There are players out there, that when in a heads up tournament, are decent enough to 'sit out', until you reconnect.  

This deuchbag of course attacked by blinds, so by the time I reconnected, I had lost 1/3 of my stack.  This unfortunately tilted me, and I frankly gave the game away.  I was pretty pissed at myself.....


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pokerstars Blogger tournament

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 570056

Mookie Win #2 Recap

If it's Wednesday night, it's Mookie Time!

I was able to pick up a pretty good pot on the first hand last night, which put me out in front with about 5k. 

I pretty much stayed there until half way through the tournament.  I then got a double up when I flopped a set of 9's, cracking HOP's cowboys and held on the River

I chipped up a little bit, and then had this hand against Numbono to take the chip lead:

Right before the final table, I lost a pretty good pot:

Which made me one of the short stacks at the final table.  Dr J and Waffles had the big stacks.  I got involve in this pot, where the aforementioned Waffles 'warned' me about not bluffing into a dry pot on the river............

6 handed I was the shorty and had to ship JT into Waffles BB....got lucky here:

5 handed I got rockets to cripple VBPro:

4 Handed...I raised Dr J, and he came back over the top:

Final 4 had fairly even stacks, until this hand, where I coolered Breeze:

3 handed I busted Dr J having to fade some spades on the river:

I then leaned on Waffles until he defended, and that was that:

GG to everyone!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8k Rebuy

Nice to hit a final table in a > 45 man MTT.  I've been playing this and the 9k for the last month, trying to get into more deep stack situations,  which is always the case post the rebuy period.   

The quality of players is better at the higher rebuy events, but this makes for good practice, although you need to be prepared to take some ridiculous beats.  And to final table is always a nice bonus....winning would have been even better!  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hammering Hammer

Nice Limp bud.....here's another hand, where the BB flats with Rockets and pays for it:


Friday, November 28, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Mouse bites the Dust

And as it turned out...unnecessarily....I simply have no patience!

Sooooo....I have another ones of these on the way.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HU Victory Redux

Heads up tourneys and Thursdays seem to be the ticket. I won one two weeks ago, and again tonight:

This one took one extra match, 8 in all, as I didn't get the bye. I was reviewing the tournament hand histories, an interesting that I was never really behind in any of my matches. I ran pretty well I guess. There were the usual brutal hands, but in this case, none that crippled me, or hurt me too bad. If anything, it kept my opponents in the game.

Then of course there was this hand in the semi-final match, which gave me that 'oh no' feeling, but I was able to get past this. The dude tried getting cute with his aces, and limped preflop:

Talk about runner-runner!

This was the final hand of the last match:

GG me!


Monday, November 17, 2008


Fulltilt concluded its millionth FTOPS this past weekend. I played in 3 or 4 events, with not much (read - nothing!) to show for it. Mostly got in on the power of those crack-like super turbo's, which I am freaking addicted to. For yesterday's FTOPS knockout event, I actually won 3 of those in a row.....and on Saturday, I won back to back seats for the $500 heads up. For that one, I unregistered and took the T dollars.

I was watching the final table of the $5000 2 day FTOPS event last night. When it got 3 handed, this kid PureCash25, had the lead. Then this hand came up:

I didn't get the 20x open, given these guys had been playing 2.5 opening raise, other than maybe it was some kind of misclick? as deep as they were, it had to be. But talk about a setup....amak gets queens, reads the kid's bet as a misclick and shoves. Pretty freaking amazing to have it come to that, after playing 2 days!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bodog Poker Blogger tourney

Ok....well I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet now.  Bodog is sponsoring I believe version 2, of the Poker Blogger Tournament.  Bodog is also still one of the sites that you, as a US player can play online poker.  I've resisted in the past, mainly because I didn't like the interface.  However, I see they have made some improvements, especially in the re-sizing of tables.  And now, with this HUGE incentive, , how can I resist!  :-)  

I won't let out what my screen name is, but it won't be hard, since I uploaded my 2BA image!

See you all there....


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds Smodds!

In the last 5 post, I have blogged about a Royal Flush, a straight Flush, and multipe quads.  All within a short period of hands, way over the frequency that these should be popping up.  Pretty crazy!

I just folded this hand:

I also had this crazy hand last night, which I luckily won:

I suppose you can say 'its poker'.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WSOP Main Event Final Table Resumes

For anyone that still gives a hoot, the 2008 WSOP ME champion will be decided today.  Action starts shortly after 10am PST.  

EDIT: ME Champion will be decided today.  The infinite wisdom that is Harrah's and the WSOP postponed the tournament when it got heads up, and will resume tonight at 1opm PST.  Come to think of it, winner may not be decided until tomorrow! 

For those who still care, it will be Peter Eastgate vs Ivan Demidov.  You can follow the live action on the WSOP site.


407 to 1

Those are the odds of flopping quads, when holding a pocket pair in Holdem.  Of course, good ole FullTilt Employee #45, laugh's and mocks odds, all day long!

From the same SNG, and within 11 hands or so:


Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 Final Tables

Well, first of all, this is my 200th post. So I'm particularly happy that it coincides with what I hope is a turn around in my fortunes on the felt.

My first final table came in a Heads-up tournament. My first opponent was Mr Aaron Bartley:

Not to brag, but I've got a drawer full of Fulltilt shirts busting good ole Aaron. This time was no different. I was able to dispose of him in 7 hands. We traded for the first 6, then this was the first 'big' hand:

I probably would shove to his lead on the flop, regardless of the pair, as he's c-betting there 95% of the time. Then this was 2 hands later, and he was done:

After him, I played 3 more matches, and was able to take it down:

My 2nd Final table came in the 9K $5 rebuy. I unfortunately finished in 6th. My key hand, was my bustout hand:

My final final table came in the Mook. There was an added prize of a FTOPS seat hanging on this one, thanks to Al.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get past Columbo's might Presto, as I called his UTG shove with JJ.

Here was the final results:


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A win is a win

I bricked my way to victory last night, in what turned out to be a SKILLZ 6 blogger SNG.  I still enjoy playing the blogger events, although other than the Mookie, participation is low.  Speaking of the good ole Mook:

An added prize to the winner tonight, a seat to FTOPS Event #24.  Hope to see you all there.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1000 bad beats later

and I get to lay one that's worthy of a post:

This was from tonights 40K. I busted 40th or so, but this was the hand of the day.


Monday, November 3, 2008

High stakes madness

Noooooo, not from me!  LOL.....Here was the highlight of my poker weekend.....it came while I was killing time waiting for the Mrs. to get ready to go out...so I was at a micro cash table:

I was perusing through the high-stakes table recaps on CR, and so this gem:

Thats right....it's a 1 million dollar chip!  The action among these guys has been unreal.  If I get bored, I'll post some hands, that wil leave you saying WTF!. 

One hand I saw, had Durr calling a 6 figure river bet with top 2, where the original better had 4 high!  pretty insane stuff!  

Durrr has had a great year, up 4 million for the year.  And he's not alone, there's a handful of other sharks profiting well over 7 figures.  Leading that pack is Phil Ivey....up about 7 Mil.  If he isn't the greatest poker player on the planet, I don't know who is.  

So as you can see, all of our little money at the bottom bubbles up, and wind's up in these dude's BR.  That's a fact.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doom switch is on

Yup....nothing is going right on Fulltilt.  I have been getting outdrawned in the most spectacular fashion....so much so, that I decided to fire up PokerStars.  Now, the main reason I don't play on Stars, is that they don't offer rakeback.  I understand from some, that they believe their VIP program is good enough.  I've never done my homework on this subject, but at any rate, with FullTilt on major doom, I fired up Stars yesterday.  Low and behold, I still had 13 bucks in the acct.

I was perusing and found these:

 At least to me, these are new SNG's, which are double or nothing.  Basically, they are 10 handed SNG's, and if you finish top 5, you win double your buyin, minus rake.  Long story short, I played about 20 of these, starting with the $10 dollars, all the way up to the $104 dollars.  Now I don't know if Stars has the 'oh he's back' switch, but I 'won', 17 out of the 20.  

That tallied up to over 5 bills, so I guess I'll keep plugging.  Give them a try, if your an experience SNG player, making top 5 isn't that hard!  


Friday, October 24, 2008

Numblowme tournament Rebuy results

I wasn't as fortunate as others during the rebuy, but glady contributed to the cause:

Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary NumbBlow (63820195) Hold'em No Limit
Buy-In: $0.10 + $1
Add-On: $0.10
Rebuy: $0.10
twoblackaces performed 1 Add-On
twoblackaces performed 85 Rebuys
Buy-In Chips: 1000
Add-On Chips: 1500
Rebuy Chips: 1000
99 Entries
Total Add-Ons: 69
Total Rebuys: 4417
Total Prize Pool: $458.50
Tournament started: 2008/10/23 21:31:00 ET
Tournament finished: 2008/10/24 3:12:10 ET


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fulltilt, Fulltilt....

How will thy screw me today???


Sunday, October 19, 2008

FTP Million

Satellited in on the first Super Turbo, which was nice.  

I managed to survive into the money, once again being as card dead as one can be.

As you can see in the right table, Sprstoner is still in.  Good luck to him.



Ok, so sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple, it's staring right at you in the face, yet you can't see it!  right???

Here I've been getting 1,2, 3 outed over and over again, and I had my AHA moment! ........ready?

I keep getting it in with the best hand!  There you go, simple as that.  Sooooooo........beware everyone......Twoblackaces is about to go on a tear!  starting right now!   (Har har har)

To plagerize Mr Fuel, TWOBLACKACES is gold for me......not for you! LoL


Monday, October 13, 2008


This is from another 45 man $75 buy-in SNG.  I also had a 4th tonight.  I've also taken some sick beats in these too, but overall, I'm not doing badly.  One thing I like about these, is that if you make to the final table, it's usually in about 2 hrs or less.  At any rate, nice that for now, these are going well.  

I played a bunch of MTT's this past weekend, and I'm not going to look it up, but I bet in over 50% of them, I built fairly big stacks, but couldn't close the deal on any of them.  That's pretty frustrating.  I definitely thing my overall game tweaks I've done are improving my game.  

My biggest issue still remains the same....namely, I still haven't figured out how to win those key flips at the end, other than it seems to be best if you get it in behind!  

(and for you pervs out there...no, there is no 'the' there!)   Haha


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Set - Set - Set

Here's a beauty of a hand......of course, par at Fulltilt National!


Friday, October 10, 2008

This ought to be fun

Numbono is hosting his own invitional:

This ought to be fun.  I think I rebought in the Donkament 72 times once, may still be the record.  I see this easily getting cracked in this donkfest...esp with the cheap rebuy price!

- 2BA

45 man SNG's

I've had some decent success playing the $75 45 man SNG on FullTilt.  My ROI in this category is about 25%.  Problem is, I don't play a whole lot of them.  

I played another one last night, and finished 2nd.  I think I'll try and experiment, and see how I run.  Or maybe it's just something to get me past the fact that my MTT's have really sucked lately.

I mean, I've been going through this phase where I seem to build a nice stack, only to blow it late into the tournament.

Sound familiar?

(And no, I'm not refering to blowing my stack with the Hammer the other day in the Mookie!) 


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going Deep in the 32K

Finished 12th....again knocking on the door.  I felt overall pretty good, I am making some minor tweaks, and I think they are paying off.  I will play the Sunday 750K today, and see if I can improve on my previous showings.  


Saturday, October 4, 2008


Riddle me this Batman......when is it that you

1) Have 2 pair on the flop
2) A full house on the Turn
3) Quads on the River

AND STILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But wait here's one more:

When is it that you have:

1) A set on the flop
2) A fullhouse on the Turn


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dookie Win!

yeah me...I'm on a roll!!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little DQB Fun....

To break the monotony of having losing everyhand:


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Once again.....Close....but no cigar.

I suppose there is something to say about finishing 34th out of 3463. I just don't know what. I didn't get any cards to speak of, the last two hours. It sure is frustrating to see others get a steady diet of quality cards, and nothing you can do about it. I finally shoved KT with about 55k left in my dwindling stack, and of course got called by KJ. The suspense ended quickly (not that there was any) with a J on the flop, and that was that.

One of these days, I'll take this sucker down. I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do, I just got to nut it up, and do it.


Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bicycle Club

Well I was able to squeeze in one day of poker while on a family vacation out to L.A. In previous trips, I have blogged about trips to both Commerce and Hawaiian Gardens. This time we went to another famous L.A. poker house, The Bicycle Club.

My BIL (Brother in law) and I decided to hit up the 1pm tournament, named the After-Nooner. They got about 140 players or so, and the buyin was a modest 40 bucks. They gave you 2000 starting chips, and the structure was fast, with levels being 20 min long.

Sadly, I was completely card dead the entire time I was in. I busted somewhere in the middle of the pack, where I pushed AQ into Tens, and lost the flip. By this time, I was down to 1500 chips, and the ante's had kicked in at the 100/200 level. Of course, the play was quite superb, as seems to always be the case in Live tournament poker. One thing that did stand out, was the amount of 3 betting that was going on. It seemed to me that this was alot more prevelant than in past visits to L.A. poker rooms, and even some shove 4 bets as well. So the aggression factor was definitely on the rise.

At one point, a big stack came to our table, and sat down in the 6 seat. I was in the 4, and a really huge donk was in the 3. Well in about 3 hands, the donk had all of the big stacks chips but a few hundred. It was donk power at it's finest. In the first hand, Donk calls a 3x raise from an UTG raiser and so does big stack who was in the BB. Flop comes A36. UTG pots, Donk flats and so does BB. Turn comes an offsuit 7. UTG bets 3/4 pot, Donk Calls, Big Stack calls. River is an offsuit 8. UTG Bets, Donk shoves, Big stack tanks, and finally calls, UTG folds. Donk has T9....big stack as A7. Nice hands.

Very next hand.....Donk opens 3x. Only Big stack (now medium stack) calls. Flop comes A35 all hearts. Big Stack leads for pot, Donk calls. Turn is a blank. Big stack shoves, Donk does his best impersonation of Hellmuth as he sloppily shoves his chips in, and declares, 'Nuts'. Yup, he had 24 of hearts and had flopped the straight flush. Live poker is Rigged!

Amazingly, the Big Stack, who only had a few hundred chips left, somehow made the final table. I don't know where he ended, but he must have been paid back by the poker gods, in a big way. My BIL cashed, so it wasn't a complete waste of time for him, as he got the bottom pay out of 45 smackeroo's.

While he was still in the tournament, the Bike started up $60 Sit n goes. Never had seen that at a live poker house, except for satty's. Well, I took the last seat in one, and on the very first hand I got dealt QQ. I remember thinking about how card dead I was in the tournament, and now I get QQ on the first hand. Well apparently the poker gods were paying me back too. I got dealt QQ twice, KK, AK, TT, JJ all in the first 10-15 hands. Needless to say, I wound up busting everyone at the table, and won the thing about as effortless as I ever have. The one big hand where I busted 3 players in one shot, was with QQ. They had AK, AK and TT, and all the money went in on the flop. Mind you, we started with 500 chips, so if you got in on a raise pot, you were pretty much committed. Sadly, it was the last Sit N go, as the tournament was winding down. I guess they only run those, to quench the appetite of those early busters from the tournament, and get some more $$$'s obviously.

After BIL busted, we went over and played a little 3/5 cash game. To say this was a good game, would be an understatement. AGAIN, SADLY, I was dealt every possible assortment of trash there is to be had in Holdem. So I had to sit there and watch as 3 very live 'pescaditos' were giving there $$$ away. My BIL was able to cash in nicely, hitting a flush and flopping a straight and getting paid off each time. To give you an idea how good this table was, there was a guy who was CALLING $150+ river bets with ACE HIGH!!! It was unreal to say the least. The only hand I was dealt to speak of, was when I called an Asian women's preflop raise with AQ. Flop came Q high, which in this game should have been the nuts, but she sadly had KK, but with only 40 bucks left in her stack, I wasn't going anywhere, and proceeded to donate to her stack. So after all was said and done, I came out a $15 net winner! Hey, a win is a win, right? ;-) My BIL did much better, and left a very happy camper, being up 3 or 4 bills.

Given both BIL and I are responsible Dads, we decided to call it a night early, and headed home, back to the little ones and the Mrs's, who had been very cool about giving us the day to go out and play! We are a couple of really lucky Dad's!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poker Hiatus

Will be taking the family on a mini vacation to visit family. So no online poker, and maybe some live, if I can squeeze it in between family visits, etc.

Since my little princess was born, she hasn't met alot of her family, and friends. So we'll be taking care of that on this trip. My little princess has grown so much! She's now 4.5 months old, and getting cuter by the day! (Proud Papa...can ya tell? :-) )

Hope you all have a great 3 day Labor day weekend, and good luck on the felt!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Frustrating end

At least I cashed, but I really had build up a nice stack, getting as high as 3rd with about 100 left. I unfortunately made a bad read against a guy who had been fairly active. I had about 40k at the time, when this guy opens again for the upteenth time from middle position. He had about 20k total, so I moved him in, thinking he'd get away from his Big Ace. Unfortunately, he had bullets, so I doubled him up, and I dropped to 20k. That helped him big, as he finished 3rd.

In the end, I got hit hard in the junk on this bust out hand. Mr Big Cheese is a very good tournament player, and he was playing his stack well. This hand was about the 4th or 5th consecutive hand he had open raised. So I figured to be well ahead of this range, and I was. My favorite FullTilt employee had other ideas obviously.